Monday, May 16, 2011


Happy 1st Birthday Truett!

It's hard to believe it has been a whole year already! It has been a busy year, since Truett's birth we have moved, Dillon had major surgery, we went to Va a few times to see my Grandparents, we went to Va for my Grandpa's Homegoing service, we have been approved for a new wheelchair for Dillon, etc. Times flies!

Josiah left last Friday for Texas for his brother's law school graduation. Congrats Ezra! So that meant a whole weekend alone with all three kids! We did good, we all went to Walmart (Dillon in his wheelchair, Truett strapped to me, and Jay being my helper with a bag on the back of Dillon's chair to hold our groceries.) Then we walked to a flee market and had hot dogs. We did well even going to the early service at church (starts at 8:30), but we were missing Daddy!!!

Today we started off with a night nurse needing to call off last night (it was the first time this nurse has called off) so we had a new nurse that we had never met. She seemed to do well with Dillon. The only problem was Dillon hasn't had a bowel movement in over 5 days! I saw this yesterday and had tried to do something for it, but nothing worked. I was starting to think we might need to take a trip to CHOP but I asked this new nurse to run to CVS before the end of her shift and get me some stuff and THANKFULLY it worked (just a little, but it did work)!

Through out the night I heard Truett cry a little off and on. He doesn't normally do this so I was thinking "Oh no, is she going to be sick for his birthday?!" At 6:30 when he cried and didn't stop I went into the room and he had his leg stuck in the crib. Based on the red mark I would guess it had been there for a while. So he was up and had milk and cereal, and of course the Jay was up and eating too. WAY too early! Truett went back to bed till noon so that gave Jay, Dillon and I time to prepare for his birthday.

(I don't know why a few of these pictures are flipped - it is blogger changing them for some reason.)

Dillon wrapping his gift for Truett

Jay wrapping his hand picked gift for Truett

Truett loved the balloons we blew up for him! He played with them ALL day!

Of course Dillon had to get in on the fun too!

Jay and I actually did the cake around 8 am but it ended up being an all day project... you'll see why

Enjoying the butter cream frosting we made...

Iced cake with butter cream frosting

I bought fondant on Friday so we would have it. I have never used it before so I didn't know how hard it should be. As I opened the package I saw it had a whole in it. Sure enough it was ROCK SOLID! We ended up having to run back to the store, thankfully they let me exchange it for a new one that was not rock solid. Jay is helping to roll it out.

covering the cake with the fondant

all trimmed up

Then we took the left over fondant and colored them 4 different colors with food dye. This took the longest. Jay helped me cut all the stars out and I put them on after he was napping.

Truett's cake with the candles! I am pleased with how it turned out since it was my first time working with fondant. I am excited to keep practicing (don't worry I will have TONS of birthdays over the next 18 years to perfect my skills!!)

Truett's presents! Daddy finally got home from Texas, too! It wasn't until almost 6pm, but he would have been at work all that time anyways. I am so thankful he was able to get home for all the fun!

Family picture

I think Truett thought the candles were the food!

The three boys!

Mommy and the boys

Daddy and the boys

Eating his cake and ice cream too.


Why doesn't Mommy normally let me eat with my hands?

Think he liked it?!

A present from Dillon's nurse

Dillon and his baby brother

Can you guess who picked this one out?

Other than the balloons, this was his favorite present...
A basketball from Dillon!

I love this little man so much!


I really think the balloons were his favorite!

Mommy and the One Year Old!

Happy birthday boy!

How nice of Daddy to give Truett a phone for his birthday...

Happy Birthday Truett!!!!!

Click HERE to watch Truett with his balloons
Click HERE to watch Truett playing with the basketball
Click HERE to watch us singing to Truett
Click HERE to watch Truett eating his cake and ice cream


valerieschnarr said...

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TRUETT, the Bible says in many places children are a heritage from the Lord. We are blessed you are part of our lives.
Dillon what a great present you got for Truett, you two should play ball like you and JayDonn used to.
JayDonn, you did a great job licking the beaters, i mean making the cake, you will have to make one when i come to visit. Josiah and Tiffany thanks for making Truett possible, it was a bittersweet time watching Truett and all the special moments from today. I loved the cake eating...but all the expressions were so adorable. Even though we could not be there in person you made it so all the grandparents could feel like they were.
love Grandpa and Grandma S.

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, he's so cute, Tiffany! And looks like you in the picture of the two of you! I love the pic of the three boys! And great job on the cake. :)

Donna said...

I tried to leave a comment on here when I was at Uncle Ezra and Aunt Gina's but . . . Anyway we loved all the pics and videos. I loved how Truett was so excited about his cake (nice job decorating it by the way) or should I say the candles is what Truett liked. Playing with the balloons was so cute, too. Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks. Love, Mom K.