Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2011!

Mother's Day this year was a good day. Josiah and Jay got up early and made me chocolate chocolate chip muffins. (I pre-heated the oven, set out the box, bowl, measuring spoon, egg, muffin tin, cooking spray...but THEY made them!) And oh were they YUMMY!! While they made the muffins I got the stew in the crock pot.

We went to church then came home and had stew. I told Josiah I didn't want him to take me out because the restaurants are always so busy! The kids had a nap and Josiah and I soaked up some sun. Then after evening church Josiah took us out to Olive Garden.

He also bought me some chocolates, starbucks drinks, and potted flowers.

He is a sweet heart!

Some cute Jay sayings:
The night before...
Daddy: Jay do you know what tomorrow is?
Jay: Yes, Mommy told me - Mother's day.
Daddy: That's right, so we have to show Mommy how special she is.
Jay: Why?

After morning church... Jay brought Mommy a Chocolate bar
Mommy: Thank you Jay!
Jay: Thank you Mommy for....ummm... I don't know. Ummm Thank you for washing my clothes!

(Daddy had told him to say thank you to Mommy for something nice I do for him and he thought of it all on his own. At first I thought he just forgot the exact words Daddy told him to say so that was even more sweet!)

I can't believe this was my 6th Mother's day! I include the one where I was 8 months pregnant with Dillon - so 6 years now! I love my boys with all my heart. I can't wait - next year will be a Mother's Day with our whole family in the picture.

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