Sunday, May 01, 2011

Missions Conference 2011

Josiah in his white China shirt and me in one of my dresses. And of course you can see baby popping out - at 21 weeks he/she is making him/herself known!

Missions Conference was so good, wonderful missionary that God has used to start many church in the jungle. So many AWESOME stories of him trusting God and his life being spared and people (including chefs and witchdoctors) being saved! He has had malaria over 40 times! Including cerebral malaria 4 times!! To God be the Glory!

Since tonight was the last night, some people dressed in international attire. We all wore our China clothes. Here is Dillon in one of the hats.

Hard to believe Truett wasn't even around when we were in China almost 2 years ago!!

Now Jay is wearing the outfit I got for Dillon and Truett is wearing Jay's old outfit.

Sweet little man!

Wow, Mission's conference was a blessing. If you haven't been to one, you need to! It was great - there were 7 (I think) different missionary families there. We had a brunch on Saturday where the ladies listened to the ladies give their testimony and the ment he men. Then we had brunch and got to sit with one of the missionary ladies and talk with her a little more. So encouraging!

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Donna said...

It doesn't seem that long ago that we were in China and yet in some ways it seems like it was a dream. Did you see the reports from China about the happenings around Easter Sunday? Thank the Lord for the religious freedom we have here. The boys are adorable in their outfits. Love, Mom(Grandma K)