Monday, May 02, 2011

Enjoying the Day!

Look at those big eyes!

Dillon enjoying the evening in the back yard with the family

Truett's first time riding his bike - 11.5 months old. I think it is just the picture that makes him look fat b/c he really is NOT fat! :o)

I don't know why the picture won't turn right but a sleeping baby is a beautiful thing!

Is there anything more precious than this?!

Click HERE to watch Truett riding his "bike".

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Donna said...

Dillon looks like he is enjoying being outdoors. The sleeping baby pictures are cute. I loved the video of Truett riding his bike and Jay in the background enjoying the fact that Truett was riding a bike. Wow, Truett will be one soon. We will be in Texas, Lord willing, on his birthday. We'll have to see if we can celebrate all the May-June birthdays at once. Love and prayers, Mom(Grandma K)