Friday, May 18, 2007


Are all addictions bad? I hope not. Here are my two addictions:
1. Brushing my teeth. This may sound strange and that is becuase it is! When I was pregnant with DIllon simply putting a wet toothbrush, even without toothpaste, in my mouth made me gag and nearly throw-up. Now I love it! I love the taste, I love how the brush feels, I just love it all. I am finding myslef brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day.
2. Internet. Ah, now tehre is a bad addiction you say. But my addicition isn't to surfing the web for jokes or games or anything like that. In fact, I usually don't have time to go to the blogs I really enjoy reading. My internet time is usually researching. I agree that the computer/internet can be bad, and it is bad if it stops you from taking care of house work and things like that. I'll be honest, sometimes it does prevent my house from being the cleanest. But what really is more important? Having a house that is spot-less or trying my hardest to look into possible help for Dillon? Knowing that I have done all I can do, that I have asked God to lead and direct me to things that might help, knowing that I am not jumping into all the suggestions I have been given without doing as much research as possible to the side effects, risks, and outcomes of different treatments is what is important to me. I thank The Lord that I have a husband who understands and encourages me to help Dillon, even at the expensive of dishes not being washed.

More on HBOT
This site is good - it lists the risks and side effects and tells the % for a lot of them. You will see they are all very low.

VERY good artical on CP children and CP
They also have a group on this on called Moms United for Moral Support (MUMS) that offers 300 page packets on reseach studies, stories etc of HBOT used in brain damaged children for $25.

The internet is amazing. I truly am thankful for such a wonderful tool. Just think what it would have been like trying to reseach all this before the internet!


Si said...

Hey she even had the dishes washed when I got home :-)

Ms Wendy in OK said...

Tiffany, I agree with you about the internet..and it's like anything else in this can be used for good or bad...and as a child of the Most High God...I choose to use it for His honor and glory! I am in awe of the vast amount of information that is out there now. But like you, and many of my Christian sometimes draws us away from the necessities of life! DISHES! Laundry! Dusting, Sweeping! But chores will always be there...but the souls we reach may not. I am enjoying watching this young man grow up and be sooo handsome and be so loved by you and Si. Thank you for sharing it with us in a blog.