Thursday, May 17, 2007

Walk 4 Hearing

Last Saturday we went on a Walk 4 Hearing. I never thought I would actually go to a Walk 4 anything! Josiah's compay was participating s of course we agreed to walk too. It was fun The walk was 2 miles (we culd have done 4.3, but 2 was enough).

This first picture is the back of the shirts they made for us to wear with the company name on it.
Mitch, far left, has severe hearing loss. His wife (not pictured) also has hearing los, but their 5 year old son does not. Next to Mitch is Matt, Alan (the head of the IT), Josiah, myself, and in the stroller hiding from the sun is Dillon.
The company raised over 900 for research and it was nice to go on a walk with some of the men Si works with.

We were able to hand out several of Dillon's tracts. I told Josiah afterwards - it was one gave Dillon tat "second look". No one thought anything of his problems. I think he was the youngest with hearing aids, altough there were several kids with them. There was even a little boy (about 2-3) with the implant. I did not personally see him, but it was the first time I have seen adults with the implant.

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