Friday, June 01, 2007

Dillon's Birth

A quick update....

Experts have reviewed Dillon's birth records and have come back with the opinion that Dillon's injuries occurred during the birth process - after I got to the hospital. Therefore we are pursuing a court hearing in the matter. In fact, the expert said that in his 30 years of doing this, Dillon's case ranks in the top 3 worse cases he has seen.

This is a matter that must be kept in prayer. As of now, I am not having any bitter feelings or anger, just disbelief. Josiah and I, and the experts/professionals involved will all need wisdom in this over the next several years that the whole thing would be handled in a right manner and that the Lord would be pleased with it all. I will not be saying much about this until the whole process is over, but I will try to keep you as informed as I can. Just keep in mind this will probably take years to come to an end.

God has comforted me in this new information we have been given for several reasons. It has reassured me that it wasn't anything I did to Dillon. As any mom can imagine, when I am down I let the devil put doubts in my mind and it is very hard to fight him off. Another reason this information has been a comfort is that humans make errors, they make mistakes. It happens. But when you look at all the facts involved in this, it is clear that God was in control. He allowed whatever happened to Dillon because of humans to happen. God could have stopped it, but for whatever reason He did not. God is going to use Dillon in a mighty way. After all - when is the last time you had someone ASK you for a tract? Just today when I gave his tract to the ENT the nurse asked for one before I could offer. She then left the room for a few minutes and when she came back it she was stuffy and said something about "getting her all chocked up."

There is a song we have on CD that talks about serving in lowly places and that the harvest didn't come often, souls weren't won to Christ. But, when you get to Heaven Jesus is going to smile and show you all the faces of those who's lives were touched, those who were brought to Cal very because of your life. This song has recently hit home to me, wouldn't it be amazing after living a life of taking care of Dillon to one day be standing before God and have Him show me faces of those who were saved because of Dillon's life and the tracts many people are handing out with his story? I can just imagine the overwhelming joy I will feel if there are souls spending eternity in Heaven instead of Hell. Just imagine!!!

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