Friday, June 01, 2007

ENT Appointment

First - I need to update on this weekend. We went to Ohio for my parent's 25th renewing of the vows. So I have pictures from that and from the little birthday party my parents had for Dillon and I at their condo in the Poconos. But the pictures aren't on this computer so I will do that later.

So today we went to the ENT. I was told he is a ped ENT but he isn't he does see children but is not a ped specialist. So there is water behind his ears, but because of not swallowing the normal movement of tube in his ears is not taking place. So putting tubes in may or may not help. The doctor was not sure about doing surgery for a "maybe". I then showed him Dillon's tonsils and he said they are large, he called them +3 to +4. I got home and looked up the scale:

Grading Scale
Tonsil 0: Tonsils fit within tonsillar fossa
Tonsil 1+: Tonsils <25% of space between pillars
Tonsil 2+: Tonsils <50% of space between pillars
Tonsil 3+: Tonsils <75% of space between pillars
Tonsil 4+: Tonsils >75% of space between pillars

It looks like he is the worse you can be. They want me to get him in with the doctors from CHOP (Children's hospital of Philadelphia). So we are scheduling that. I got him in on June 20th, but they wanted him in within 2 weeks so they are calling to see if they can get him in any sooner. Will let you know more when I finally know more! :-)

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