Monday, June 11, 2007

Update (and pictures)

Everyone seemed to like the pictures so I will try to keep putting some on.
I had a dream last night that they tried to take the nose tube out but he did so bad that they put the tube back down his throat. Then I got yelled at by the doctors when I told them to try the Cpap again instead of the throat tube. It was a bad dream, but when I woke I reminded myself that they haven't even tried to take it out yet. Then when Josiah and I got to the room, we were told he came off the cpap around 11pm last night. They took the nose tube out as well but his blood oxygen levels dropped a little too low so they put the tube back in. He now just has an empty tube in his nose which is hold his airway open so he can get the air down himself. The doctors said it might come out tomorrow, but I don't think they are too confident of that. I think it will be in for a couple more days yet until some more of the swelling goes down.
Dillon is up to about 10 pounds 14 ounces! (as of yesterday - we haven't weighed him today yet.) Praise the Lord! They don't think it is just IV fluids anymore, they think it is true weight. That is a huge blessing! I guess he was a little low in Zinc, which could effect weight gain. They also have him on this new formula. I don't know what is making him gain weight, maybe it is a combination of many things, but Praise the Lord he has gained even though 1/2 - 2/3 of the time we have been here he hasn't been on food! My prayer is that this will continue... Another good thing is that I have only seen one or two of the stomach pains this whole time that he has been having for months. This formula has a different kind of fat that is easier to break down, could that be it? We don't know all I know is that I am very pleased that I haven't seen it. And once again, my prayer is that it will continue to stay this way.
The poor nurse was giving him all his medicine and looked down to see that his tube had popped off so she isn't sure how much of what actually made it into him. We know the oxycdine (sp?) was the major one that did not get in, which is for pain. Since it is only given as needed though, she is going to wait to see if his heart rate goes up and he seems to be in pain before giving him more. So far, he seems to be doing fine with out it. She felt bad - I just laughed becuase I know I have done the same thing more than once!
Other than that, he is just resting off and on. When he is awake he is moving his arms and legs some. I think this was good for Dillon. I know he is in pain and will be swollen for 4-6 weeks, but I really believe God let me find the tonsils and pursue this for a reason. Another blessing some of you may not know is the timeline of this. Dillon wasn't supposed to have an appointment for his tonsils until June 25th (I think that was the date), at which point they probably would have scheduled it within a weeks time, plus then a week in the hospital for revcovery. By the time that would have all happened it would have been a good week into July. JayDonn is due July 14th! What a blessing that it is being taken care of now, rather than pushing it back until almost my due date.

This one is just for fun - can you tell I am getting a little bit bored? Actually I am keeping fairly busy with helping with Dillon and blogging and all. But see how BIG JayDonn is already...I think Dillon is worried about his little brother being bigger than him - that's the REAL reason why he is gaining weight! :-)


Rachel said...

Aawww! He looks so little in that bed...but so long!!! Glad to hear he's gaining so much weight!

Cute JayDonn pic. :)

Abbi said...

Oh what a cute belly!!

Glad to hear that Dillon is filling out! We'll keep praying. Our kids are praying that he can come home soon!