Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Dillon!

Dillon is now ONE! Wow, what a year it has been. Can you believe its been a year? I can't. It has been a long, hard yea - but it has also been a year filled with blessings of God. From the fact that Dillon lived, to all the progress he has made, to all the prayers that have been said on our behalf - God has truly blessed us.
Josiah's parents and sister came into town Friday night so on Saturday we went to Lancaster County (Amish country) where Mom and Dad used to live when Josiah was very small. I guess I will just tell about the day as I put the pictures in.
We started off the day in the outfit Grandpa Schnarr bought him since they couldn't be here, but due to an unforeseen incident....

...Dillon had to be changed into a spare outfit.

I am not one for taking pictures of people's houses, but when I saw this one from the street I just had to get some pictures. Isn't it beautiful?

Josiah and Hannah - however went close to the house to get more - I would have just taken them from a distance, but it was worth it.

This is their view from the back of the house. A pond where you can swim, walk out into the middle of it, and a wonderful view of the valley!

Josiah standing so you can see the view from the font of the house.

Yes, we are those annoying people that take pictures of the Amish kids as we pass them.

These people still live in the house next to where Mom and Dad used to live from when Si was about 2-6 years old.

Naps are required, even on birthdays!

This farm has homemade ice cream (that was soooo good!) and a drive thru - so even the horse (well this one looks more like a pony) and buggies use the drive thru.
Dad standing near the cows we watched them milk

Wouldn't it be nice to see signs like this in more businesses? (read their commitment)

Josiah and I near the cows

We ran into people from church at this farm! Now you have to understand, we were about 1.5 hours away from church, in the middle of no where at a little farm. How weird!

Josiah wanted a picture of him with the little calf.

I am told he likes Bull Dogs because it is the symbol for Mack Trucks (My dad like them too, but because they are the Marine Corps symbol) What am I to do with these men?!? :-)

No comment...

Even though Dillon's stomach was upset and he seemed to not feel well near the end of the day from (our guess) the antibiotic he is on, when we got him home he should had a birthday surprise for us! He held his head up for quite a while - straight off the ground! What a blessing. I know my om was praying Dillon would do something special for us that day and he did. For any of who might have been praying that way as well, thank you - it was encouraging!

Look at him go!

"Hey, I'm not Superman - I need a break!"

"And here I go again!"

Can you tell we go a little crazy with the camera when he is lifting his head?

Aunty Hannah helping Dillon to scoot across the floor

I really think he might learn to crawl eventually. He seems to enjoy moving and lifting his head, he just has to learn the coordination of it all.

Mommy and Dillon after he worked so hard! (by the way - those are my new glasses)

Family photo - Happy Birthday Buddy!

Kissy time - One year old is still young enough to have pictures of your mommy kissing you on the Internet without it being embarrassing!

He is such a little man!

He is a gift from God that we love with all our hearts! Dillon is our little boy, we wouldn't trade him for anything.

Aunty Hannah and the birthday boy

THANK YOU for all the cards, letters, emails, phone calls, and ecards for Dillon on his birthday. They were special to read. I am planning to keep them for his scrapbook.

It was so nice to have him awake and alert for his birthday celebration

Grandma and Grandpa came out just for his birthday (it is about a 6 hour trip each way)

Birthdays are such fun!

Well that's all, finally! Actually we have a lot more but I just put some of them on. Aren't you glad?! Thank you again for all your cards, etc for his birthday. I thought it was going to be a hard day, but we kept busy and it really wasn't. I am sure here soon I will have a good cry, but with the progress he is making with his head, how can I be sad? Hannah is staying with us now until JayDonn comes so that I will have some help and can have someone ready to take care of Dillon when JayDonn decides to make his arrival. It is going to be such a help having her here, Josiah and I both are very grateful for her willingness. We go for a hearing test in a few minutes, I will have to let you know (if he sleeps so we can run the test) if his hearing is any better now with the tubes in his ears.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday from Auntie Anne... halfway around the world;o). I'm so glad ya'll had a great day together, although that is sooo wierd that you met C, F, and A out in Lancaster... of all places!!!! Amazing:o). Btw, the new glasses look good!

Abbi said...

Happy Birthday to the big one-year old! The pictures were great. Love your new specs!

Anonymous said...

Ooo...please fix that carseat!

The "protective" covers on the harness need to be slid up onto Dillon's shoulders so that the chest clip is on his chest, not his belly button...the way it is now, he can eject right out through the top of the seat.

I know this will get tough when the new baby comes (because I've done 2 rearfacing kiddos before)...but keep Dillon rear facing in his carseat as long as possible. I imagine you will move him to a convertible so that the new baby can have the infant carrier...but keep the convertible rear facing until he is too big (over the rear-facing weight limit or head within 1 inch of the top of the seat) to rear face--it's safer for anyone than forward facing, and I imagine that with his head control issues, it would be even more important.

Tiffany said...

Anonymous -
He is to skinny to be able to keep them up higher - we put them up and they slide down. Plus he is not in the car in either of those pictures but rather the pictures were taken just before and just after taking him out to change him and then walk through a store. But yes we do have a rear facing car seat for Dillon once the new baby comes. I will keep that in mind though and try to keep them up as high as they can go.

Katina said...

Yay for Dillon! Happy Birthday little guy!

Wendy in OK said...

These pictures brought tears to my eyes!! He is sooooo handsome and I'm sooo proud of him for keeping his head up so long! He is such a fighter! I love seeing the fruits of my prayers...THANK YOU for sharing the photos! What a great day and the pics made me wish I could be there with you.

Katina said...

Happy Birthday lady!!! Hopefully your new little one will make his presence known soon! Can't wait to meet JayDonn!

Abbi said...

Where is the update about your birthday and all of the fun things you must be doing with Auntie Hannah?? And the pictures? You couldn't possibly be busy nesting, right now, could you?! :)

Hope you are doing well!