Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thursday - Monday (Plus my 22nd Birthday!)

Thursday - Hannah and I went to my doctor's appointment for JayDonn. I was told I am 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. The doctor was extremely nice, but told me not to go far from a hospital and to have my bags packed because this kid was going to come...soon! Of course we all got excited. With Dillon I was 2cm and 40% on Tuesday and on Friday night he was born, so surely being 90% would mean he would be here even sooner right? Josiah even brought me home flowers from work instead of waiting till Friday - just in case JayDonn came before then. They were beautiful roses. Then Josiah and I went to the hospital - not to have the baby! - just to see where he is going to be born. When we came home, Hannah had set the table so beautifully with my roses, a chocolate cake she made, a birthday card from her, and a card from Dillon that he wrote himself! It was a sweet surprise.

Friday - I woke up worried that JayDonn could be born on my birthday - it would be a nice birthday present, but I think he would like to have his own day. Hannah and I tried to decide what we should do during the day since I didn't want to clean on my birthday. When the mail came we saw the pictures of Dillon I ordered on line had arrived - so we decided to scrapbook! Josiah took us out to Applebee's for dinner, it was very good but with the appetizer he ordered and the fact that we were going to split both meals, I never even touched mine. So we took it home, and all three of us had enough for lunch on Saturday.
Saturday - Josiah was working all day on his new scooter (he is selling his bike and got something that will get better gas miles). He needed to run to the store for something, and since I had just told Hannah about how my nails were done for Dillon's birth she suggested to Si to take me to get them done. (Last time my co-worker did it). So he did. I have never had them done so I didn't know how to ask for what I wanted, and since they don't speak much English..... Needless to say it didn't turn out too well. Instead of doing pink with white french tips, they did clear with pink tips! Josiah did not like it at all and made me go back to get them redone. The lady was nice and was going to do it for free, but I wanted to tip her for redoing them (even though I know they were laughing and talking about me in another language since the one lady leaned her head out to look right at me and then went back to what she was doing...) The rest of the day was spent by Hannah and I finishing up Dillon's scrapbook. I am not 100% done, but done as much as we could with all the pictures I had.

Sunday - We went to church - bet you didn't see that one coming! :-) No baby though, the afternoon was restful, then we went to church again. On the way home we used 3 coupons for free ice coffees at dunkin donuts.

Monday - Everyone this whole time has been panicking about JayDonn coming. Thinking my labor is going to be too short to get to the hospital, that I might have to drive myself, that Josiah might not make it, etc. So I was worked up about why he wasn't here yet as well. At the advice of many people I called the doctor to see if they would check me again since I was having back pains and hurting whenever I walk. They said they didn't want to see me. So we went on with out day. Dillon had a nuerology checkup a little over an hour away. Sure enough his appointment was only 10 minutes, nothing has really changed, no need to go back on seizure medicine unless I see something, and make another appointment in six months. I had been feeling sick to my stomach all day and it was getting worse so I went to the clinic anyways. I was finally seen there and they said I was running a little temperature - no joke I felt like I was burning up! They also took my blood pressure twice. The first time it was 180/? and the second it was 150/? Since nothing had really changed (I was only 3.5-4 cm now) they sent me to the main hospital to have my blood pressure monitored and blood work done. They were afraid I had preclamsia (Sp?). Hannah and I started thinking of all the stress that has been put on me over the length (or lack there of) that this birth maybe we knew it had to be the cause. Sure enough, by the time we got to LVH my blood pressure was 104/? . It stayed down the whole time I was there - yup that would be stress folks! Anyways they wanted to do something to check for protein even though I didn't have any, and it hurt so I told them to stop and the nurse agreed with me. She said to tell the doctor "no" because there was no reason for it and the doctor knew that because before doing it her answer as to why it needed to be done was "I want it to be." Some answer! Plus she lied and said it wouldn't hurt - so nice an loud I told the nurses while they were trying to "Tell the doctor she lied - it DOES hurt!" Another one of the doctors asked me if I had thought about what pain medicine I want should they decide to keep me and break my water. I told her none, I also said - no scissors. She basically said "yeah right" I told her I didn't need it with Dillon and that I would kick them if they tried to come near me with scissors. Her answer? "Well, then we will just blindfold you." Hannah and I were shocked! That is so dumb, if I don't want it and don't need it then don't do something that will hurt, require stitches, and possible hurt for years to come, just because you want to! Finally, the blood work came back that nothing was wrong with my liver or kidneys so I was allowed to go home.

Tuesday - I slept better last night than I had in months! It was so nice, I wasn't hurting nearly as bad and at times, at not all. Last night, we told our family that no one is allowed to call and talk about the baby, pregnancy, how I feel or anything of the such. It is stressing me out too much. I need to plan for this baby to come near July 14th, like planned, and just let it be in God's hands as to when labor starts. He will do what is best. If it isn't safe to have him in the car then God will allow me to get to a hospital on time. He will allow Josiah to get there if that is something I really NEED (obviously I want it, but God doesn't promise to meet our wants, only our needs.) So please, do not ask about the baby - we will tell people and get the word around asap if my water breaks and/or i have contractions because I will be headed to the hospital right away. Hannah and I were able to clean/unpack a room that really needed done but I kept putting off today. I don't think this is "nesting" I think this is "sleeping" I actually had some energy.

Prayer Requests - Please pray that the baby will come in God's timing and that details would be worked out. Please pray that he would be healthy, and that I would have an easy labor like with Dillon. Please pray that the doctor I end up getting is not like the ones I saw yesterday - I want someone who will try to let me do things more naturally so the birth won't be so bad (it would be really great if it were a female doctor! I had one female I really liked - Dr. Jen could you please pray she would be the one there when I have the baby?)

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the LONG update!


Katina said...

I think you should wear a sign around hour neck to church on Wednesday night that says:

"Yes, I'm ready"
"Yes, we're excited"
"3-4 cm, 90% effaced"
"The Doctor said it should be soon"
"It's a boy, and we're planning on naming him JayDonn"

It's hard for people not to talk about the baby and ask questions, especially when you are so very obviously pregnant. It just means they care. When I was late with Elijah and Noah it seemed every person I knew was calling, e-mailing, etc.

I will not say a word about Jaydonn or your pregnant state! I understand how you feel. :)

Abbi said...

Oh this is so funny!! Just the other day I came across the sign I made to this effect for Katina to wear last November!

Babies come when God sends them, despite what doctors and old wives' tales say. And I, personally, would rather be told that I was going to deliver 10 months late, than a few days or weeks early! It is so hard to have expectations at this stage in the game.

I will be praying for you and Jaydonn, that the Lord's will and timing will be accomplished! Have fun enjoying your time with Hannah and your "only child" for these last few days!!