Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hospital Pictures

Before Surgery

Right After Surgery


If you look close at these you might be able to see that Dillon's back is red - that is from a rash from the morphine, which is why he is on his stomach in these pictures.

Our Little Man working so hard to get better!

I also have a video clip of how much Dillon is moving his arms and legs now but I can't seem to get on to youtube here at the hospital (plus I have never put anything on youtube to know how it works. I will ask Josiah to try, if not maybe I can get that on some other time.)

Enjoy the pictures!


joy said...

awwww....look how big he looks! how long was he at his last apt?

im glad to hear that he is doing better.

you and josiah get as much rest as you can! take care of yourselves.


Tiffany said...

Hi Joy,
Dillon was 26 or 27 inches last time. And only about 10.5 pounds (he is a little heavier now due to the IV fluids) but weighing so little and being so tall makes him look even taller! :-) The one nurse here said he is "long drink of water" heehee

Abbi said...

Oh, bless his heart! I hope your little man is feeling better soon!

Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunty Hannah said...

Love the pictures. Kiss our little guy for us. Love, Grandpa, Grandma and Aunty Hannah