Monday, June 11, 2007

Pictures from Long Weekend

I remembered that I said I would put pictures of our long weekend with my parents on and haven't yet. Since there isn't much to do here, I thought I would put them on. I don't have any of the renewing of the vows to put on right now. Maybe I can find the couple I have and put them on later. Lots of pictures!
Josiah at the cave (see below for more details about the cave)

Sitting by the river enjoying the view

My birtday present - a heater/cooler that plugs into a lighter thing in a car so that I can take snacks when I have to be gone all day for doctor appointments.

Dillon eating a potato chip (can you guess who gave him that? Yup! Grandpa!)

So cute!
What a face!

Dillon's Birthday party
New clothes and shoes

Still a little big, but he will grow into them

My Dad and Si on motorcycles at the Rec Center

Dillon wasn't too sure of this cold water thing...
I think he likes bath water better!
Some young boys wanted to know all about him when they saw him in the pool - the one asked if he could hold Dillon. I am not a jumpy first time mom, but as you can imagine that was a "No!" (but sweetly said of course because it was cute that he wanted to.)

The mountains were just beautiful

Grandma and Grandpa holding onto Dillon so he would fall over the clift right behind the wall!

This is a cave that no matter what the temperature is it is always 35 degrees. They used to have a cafe built right on the side of the cave so they used it as their fridge. Josiah and I went into it, it was pretty small but very neat and cool!
What a view!

If you look really close at the top right corner of the mountain you can see a face of an Indian Chief
My sweet husby and I

Waiting for the trolley that took us to all these places

Mom and Dad

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