Friday, June 15, 2007

We're Home!

In case you couldn't tell by the lack of blogs - we are home from the hospital. We got home around 6:30pm Wednesday. Dillon seems to be doing well. He is awake more and does not breathe nearly as bad as before. He still have a bit of trouble when he is excited and moving, but he is still swollen and still have the virus. I just got back from taking him to his new doctor for a follow up from the hospital stay. He weighed in at 11 pounds 4 ounces. So he is up two more ounces! This is a blessing to me: it seems as though I will be able to get his insurance to pay for this new formula. Why is this such a blessing? At the amount he is on now, which is only going to increase, it would cost us about $225 a month if the insurance didn't cover it! Thank you for all your prayers, Dillon really is a miracle baby that God just keeps using to surprise the doctors.

Josiah's parents and sister are on their way into town right now to spend Dillon's birthday with us. Hopefully I can get some pictures tomorrow and post them. I also got glasses today (thanks to my precious little boys....) for the first time in my life so you can see those in the pictures tomorrow.

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