Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dillon's Marine Hero!!

It's Memorial Day weekend. A time to remember the military heros in our country. Men have died to protect our rights and freedom; to protect our families. Dillon's Grandpa served 8 years as a Marine. He was willing to fight and die for our country. Today, he became Dillon's personal hero!!!

My dad was at a Memorial Day parade as he is in the Marine Corps League. Many of the other Marines know about Dillon and were asking about him. After my Dad gave an update there was one man, who my Dad did not even know, that started making jokes and comments about Disabled people. my Dad asked many times for him to stop making fun of disabled people, he even changed the van he was riding in to avoid this man as he would not listen to my Dad or the other Marines when they asked him to stop. Nonetheless he continued and eventually said something like "Your grandson is nothing more than a F(beep) vegetable!" My dad then turn and handed the rifle that he was holding to another man and PUNCHED him!!!! He then told the guy not to get up until he was gone, and he didn't.

Daddy, you are Dillon and my hero!! Thank you for be willing to fight for your country. Thank you for standing up for your grandson! I know you would never have wanted to do something like that, but I truly believe if he was bold enough to keep insulting your grandson to your face, I can only imagine how many other people this man has hurt. I can only imagine how many Moms have heard him make comments about their child as he walked by in the store, or in a doctor's office and been brought to tears over him. Thank you for Dillon and thank you for all the other disabled children that can't stand up for themselves.



rranhcs said...

The guy was warned several times to stop and when he persisted Dan took the opportunity to stop him. Abraham took 300 men to stop 5 kings for picking on his nephew and Peter cut off the ear of a soldier. The Lord replaced it but did not rebuke Peter just told him to put his sword away.
We are proud of Dan for standing up for those that are unable to stand up for themselves.
Great Grampa and Great Gramma S.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Grandpa! He spoke for many, those of us who can speak for ourselves and those who cannot. Sadly, sometimes spoken language is not understood. Hopefully, this man will think before he speaks next time.