Thursday, May 01, 2008

What a day!

Before I get to the day we had yesterday I wanted to share these: They are pictures of Jay's first Popsicle. He is still teething - he has five now and I am not sure if more are coming in or not.

As you can imagine...after the Popsicle he needed a bath!
Yesterday, where do I even start?! Dillon had his out patient appointment for the new diet he is going on next week (he will be admitted to the hospital on Monday). We parked across the street at Burger King where I went in and got a much needed jolt of caffeine by ordering a medium coke. We were going to come back and eat lunch after the appointment. It was a beautiful day so we walked over to the hospital. We went in and sat in the waiting room. It was here that we discovered the suction machine was no longer holding a charge so it was almost dead. Once we were back for the appointment they were able to bring us a suction machine from a crash cart in the EEG room.
Jay was very well behaved during all this! The floor was carpeted so we let him play all around the room. I learned a lot of the specifics of the diet. They thought they had overwhelmed me, but I had already known what they were telling me it was just the exact details I didn't know.
We then went down to the NICU were I was able to see one doctor, one nurse, and one receptionist that remembered us from when Dillon was born. After being there for a little more than 5 minutes we headed back to Burger King.
By now Dillon's oxygen tank was just about empty as he had be having a hard time the whole day. To my surprise my van was GONE - oxygen tank and all! I went in and asked the manager and she very rudely told me I was parked illegally and they towed my van. Keep in mind we have a disabled windshield sign, a disabled plate, and disabled stickers on it AND i bought something already!! I told her I had bought something this morning and she didn't care, she was so rude and mean. I called the place and they told me to come get it, I explained I had a disabled child and couldn't get there and they said to get in a cab and come. I didn't tell them I had Barb with me so they thought it was just me and the disabled baby and they didn't care at all.
I called Josiah he started to head there from work on his motorcycle. Dillon was struggling with his oxygen so much I told Barb not to mute the machine I wanted everyone to know that they towed a patron's car and left my baby without oxygen! There was a really nice nurse who sat with Barb for a few minutes to try to help her when Josiah and I were finally able to get a correct address from them and head over to get the van.
We got there and nobody was there! We were in a rush because of needing Dillon's oxygen! I kept calling and calling and there was no answer for over 10 minutes. I called 911 to try to get the police to help us in someway since no one would answer the phone and there were no people on the property and for all we knew they weren't going to answer the phone. Finally after about 20 minutes they answered and said I should have told them I was coming (hello! Isn't calling 5 times to be able to get a correct address tell you that I am trying to come?) So they said to wait 10 minutes for them to get there. Josiah and I are NOT happy as you can imagine! They FINALLY get there 23 minutes later and we tried to pay them their high way robbery fee of 150 but they want it in cash only. We didn't have it in cash - does ANYBODY who reads this carry around 150 in cash especially in the scary part of Philly?! So we didn't have the money, at this point we were on the phone with our Attorneys whose offices are about 15-20 minutes away, they are so wonderful! Atty Duffy dropped everything and got in a cab and came right then to where we were and brought us the cash so we could get the van out. While he was in transit the cops finally came and while talking to the cops the guy told him that "Normally we would let them get anything out of the car but because she was upset with our boss he told us not to let them get the oxygen tanks out." (Josiah had no way to transport the oxygen tanks even if we could get them.) The cop was astonished! He asked him if he was serious. He asked asked if they really towed a disabled person's car.
So finally because of the cop the guy agreed to let Josiah put the motorcycle in the gate and take the car. We forgot but should have told the cops that they were also firing pellet guns in the yard with the towed cars and facing our direction where we were standing. Once Josiah left three men approached me and asked what was going on since they could see the "distress". I told them and they were so surprised at this Mystical towing company's attitude. Our attorney got there at this point, shortly after Josiah left with the van. They just wanted the cash and to leave, but then they realized they needed a license number and I left mine at the Burger King. They then wanted our attorney's license and he rightly refused as he was only there to bring us some money and help us be able to get our van back. He had to wait for Josiah to go back the 30 blocks to Burger King get Barb and the boys and come back (which he wasn't sure exactly how to get back with all the one way streets.) The guy told kept complaining about having "waste" so much time there so I told him to think that every minute he "wasted" there my son was struggling to take a breath. He then said well I didn't think you were telling the truth but it finally seemed like you were which is why I let you take the van. Is he dumb? Do I drive around with disabled plates on my car for the rare event that I might get towed and then I have a really good lie to use?! Come one! At one point he told me he was just doing his job like I was just doing mine, I kindly pointed out that the difference is my job is trying to protect a life. He also threatened to tow the attorney's taxi driver if he didn't move even though there was not a no parking sign and their "driveway" is nothing more than a low curb.
Needless to say these men were insane! The guy even told the taxi driver that he "doesn't like to tow taxis because you are given your $150 and that's it, there's no fight...I like when there's a fight!" The guy is crazy! The company is crazy!
FINALLY we got the van, got Dillon Jay and Barb, got the oxygen to Dillon and got home around 6. (I saw the car gone at 1, we left philly at 4 so 3 hours of Dillon struggling to breath, with traffic it took two hours to come home) What a day!
I am so glad it is over. I have contacted Burger King and am filing a complaint that even though I bought food my car was towed and because of the rudeness of their manager. We have been at that store sooo many times during the course of Dillon's admissions, but I will NOT go there again even though he is being admitted again this week. I did file a police report against the towing place while the police officer was there.
It is so good nothing happened to Dillon! I am so thankful that I had Barb with me and for her attitude in this whole thing. She could have refused to care for Jay as that is not part of her job description, but she sweetly took care of Dillon and Jay while sitting in the Burger King with no help. What a blessing she was with me! We got home dead tired and ordered Pizza (I didn't eat in almost 12 hours because I refused to give Burger King any business after this). We asked Barb to take one home to her daughters as well, I was so thankful for her help - a pizza is the least we could do!
what a day, what a day, what a crazy crazy day!

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