Tuesday, May 20, 2008

G-Tube replacement

This is a video of me changing Dillon's G-Tube today. Barb was holding the camera and asked a few things, so we are the two you will hear on it. Okay... I will be nice and warn you, if you are really weak stomached you may not want to watch it, but it really isn't that gross! If I can do it, most people should be able to watch it. ;-)


Alesha said...

Yay!!! You did so good with that!

We've had to changed Isaac's twice. The first time I panicked half way through the process, and my hubby kept saying, "Finish the job! You have to put the new one in! Finish the job!" With his coaching I was indeed able to "finish"! LOL!

The second time, I changed it all by myself and it went as smooth as silk. Isaac and I were both giggling because when I took out the old tube, he must have been gassy! He passed gas through the hole! It sounded very funny and made us both laugh!

Great video!!!

Kara said...

Hey Tiffany, you have become such a pro with changing that tube. I remember when we ran to the hospital because it fell out. It's nice to hear Dillon's little coos. How is he doing with the seizures? I haven't forgotten about that little guy, and I pray for him every day. We love him very much. We care about you too! We'll be adding Annette to our prayers! Didn't know she was having her hip replaced.

Love Kara

Anonymous said...

Good teaching job, Tiffany.
See you tomorrow, Lord willing.
Love and Prayers, Mom K.

Wendy in OK said...

You're awfully good at that! I learned something new today! What a blessed little one Dillon is to have you as his mommy.