Thursday, May 08, 2008

more pics

I forgot to add these photos to the Hospital post:

Jay and C as C's Mommy was putting on a puppet show for them. They weren't sure what to think of it!

Playing away....
We got to see a lot of the nurses/doctors who cared for Dillon when he was first born. Josiah didn't think they would remember us, but many of them did! This was the nurse that admitted Dillon and cared for him many of his days there. She was so good to him! It was nice to see the people who took such good care of Dillon during those 5 long weeks when no one knew if he was going to live or not!

I was able to get out about 50 of Dillon's Journey stories. Pray for those who will be reading it and maybe visiting my blog. We already had one person from the hospital visit and leave a comment on our website.

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