Monday, May 12, 2008

Divine Appointment

Yesterday was Mother's day, my third mother's day. Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's that read this! Especially my Mom and Mom in law! I was thinking about what I should blog for Mother's Day, I think I will just share a divine appointment we had...

Josiah offered to take me out for lunch but I decided to go home and make a nice dinner since it is always so crowded on Mother's Day. However, after night church when he offered to take me to a nice restaurant I asked if we could go to Friendly's instead - Ice cream!! We split a meal and a wonderful mocha drink. When Josiah went up to pay for it I was caring for Dillon. A nice lady came up and started asking about Dillon. I could tell she was holding back tears. She told me she is 72, but years ago she had a boy like Dillon. I don't think he was as bad as he could eat and the doctors let her figure out that something was wrong, but still. She said his name was Scott. She had a boy 4 years older than Scott and one 1 year younger. Scott died at the age of 8. He started having seizures and literally died from shaking himself so hard. She told me she KNOWS she will see him in heaven whole and healthy one day because she knows she has the Lord in her heart! What a blessing! I gave her the Dillon's Journey story that I was planning to leave the waiter. She told me she spent the day with her other two boys since it was Mother's Day.

When she left the waiter told me he has seen her here before and that she always has sweet things to say so I told him what she said about having a son like Dillon. Josiah went to get me another story so I gave it to the waiter and he said he was planning to ask me if I had another one for him! The waiter's grandparents live really close to our church, which is 40 minutes from where we were eating! What a neat encounter! I love meeting other people who have had family members like Dillon.

Thank you Lord that we are able to be a blessing to others and thank you for sending them to be a blessing to me!

Scott's Mom - If you happen to read this, thank you for taking the time to come up and share your story with me, it was a true blessing!

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