Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Please Pray

I would ask that you would please pray for Annette Y. This is the lady that was helping me with taking Dillon to doctor appointments. She started off with helping me even though she didn't really know me or Dillon that well. Well, God had something in store for us that we didn't know. Mrs Y is now one of my dearest friends! She is never afraid to tell me the things I need to hear, to challenge me to do right in situations, to bluntly "tell it like it is!" She is a sweet friend of mine.

Tomorrow she goes in for hip replacement surgery. It is supposed to be a partial, as long as the doctor doesn't get in there and find any more damage. Please pray that God would direct the doctor's hands during the surgery and that all would go well. Pray for a quick recovery for Mrs. Y and that her pain would quickly go away. Mrs. Y broke her hip about 2 years ago after falling and they thought it was healing fine but then she started having a lot of pain and the doctors discovered that the bone is dying, hence the hip replacement tomorrow.

I appreciate your prayers for Mrs Y and I know she does too!!
This is a picture of Mrs Y sewing something for Dillon that I asked her to help me make!

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Anonymous said...

I will be praying for her. She is a very sweet lady. I am glad God brought her into your lives
love grandma S