Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miracle story!

This is a MUST READ story! Don't skip it! My Parents-in-law's church supports this family's Pastor as he is a missionary. They gave their permission to pass it on to anyone who would be touched by it, I think of no one better than all the faithful readers of my blog to pass it on to. Prepare yourself to be EXCITED at what a Might God we serve!!! (sorry for the format I can't seem to fix it)

Daddy and Carina during dress rehearsal for surgery

May 16, 2008
Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you so much for all of your prayers!! God provided us with a miracle on the day
of Carina’s cochlear implant surgery, and we cannot wait to share it with everyone!!
Carina did not receive a cochlear implant, and here is our true story of the amazing
power and love of our Heavenly Father:

Carina could not eat anything after midnight the night before her surgery, and her surgery
had been scheduled for 2:30p.m. That is a very long time for an active toddler to go
without food, and it was a very hard morning. Carina kept crying and begging for food,
and it was awful to watch. Mommy shed a few tears with her. As we were getting ready
to leave for the hospital, the hospital called to say they wanted us to come early because
they were ahead of schedule. We took off right then, and they kept calling to see where
we were. Finally, we told them we were in the parking garage and that we would be
there soon. Our Pastor, Pastor Bryan Greene, had prayer with us in the parking lot before
we went inside because we were afraid they wouldn’t give us the chance once we reached
the operating room.

As soon as we got there, they whisked us back to get Carina ready. They allowed Lisa to
go with Carina to the operating room to stay with her until she was asleep. Since Lisa
couldn’t carry Carina because of her herniated disk, the nurses allowed Carina to “drive”
a cool, pink car into the operating room clutching her little monkey stuffed animal.
The nurses told us to go get something to eat because the surgery would take about 3
hours. After about 2 hours, we were called to the consultation room to meet with the
doctor. The doctor came into the room and said, “Well, we don’t have an implant, and
we don’t have an incision to talk about.” We didn’t know what to think. Was this a
strange joke, were there complications that prevented the implant: we didn’t know.
The doctor explained that at the last minute before surgery, they decided to perform a
hearing test. They expected to find results consistent with Carina’s severe/profound level
of hearing loss. To their complete surprise, they found that Carina’s hearing had
improved in BOTH ears by about 50%! There is no medical explanation for the increase
in Carina’s hearing, and with the Mondini Syndrome that she has, it shouldn’t happen.
Before waking Carina up, the doctors did research, had an emergency conference call
with her teachers at school, and looked at all past medical records. They still could find
no explanation for the huge improvement in Carina’s hearing. We know that God gave
Carina the increase in her hearing, and we give Him all the praise and glory for it! Due to
the level of hearing that Carina now has, she no longer needed the cochlear implant at
this time.

After Carina woke up and came out of recovery, we actually had to take her to have her
hearing aids turned down! Praise God!! It is absolutely amazing to watch Carina now.
Dennis was walking Carina through the parking lot to take her to school the day after her
“surgery,” and Carina stopped him because she heard birds singing. Wow!! It is a whole
new world for her. She still needs her hearing aids, but they work extremely well now at
a low volume. Prior to May 13, 2008, even with both hearing aids turned up to maximum
volume, Carina still was not able to hear all speech sounds, and some sounds were
distorted. What a difference!!

Our God is an awesome God, and He can work in so many wonderful ways. We feel that
God has given us such a gift by returning a great deal of Carina’s natural hearing. We do
not know what the future holds, but we do know that whether Carina keeps the hearing
she now has, or if she eventually needs the cochlear implant, God is in control, and He
loves us. We are all special to God, and we know that He loves Carina. We truly
continue to put our faith and trust in Him to know what is best for Carina. We just feel
like shouting from the rooftops what God has done for us. The doctors may be totally
confused, but things could not be more crystal clear for us. We know that God increased
Carina’s hearing, and we are so thankful!

Please share our miracle with others! Thank you again for all of your faithful prayers!
There truly is power in prayer, and we greatly appreciate them!!
Dennis, Lisa, and Carina

Now tell me that doesn't get you excited and wanting to pray for a miracle like that in Dillon's life. Pray believeing because God can do ANYTHING!

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