Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anniversary Pictures

I finally put our anniversary pictures on the

This was taken outside of Sight and Sound after we saw Ruth.

Really! We did actaully PLAY a game! and I only one ball - but it only takes one! ;-D

Sitting outside of the resturant after we ate.

Cutting the wedding cake from a year ago. Josiah was very excited - he was hungry for cake and thought it was going to taste wonderful! (I tried to warn him....)

Eating some of our wedding cake...Yea! It is FINALLY out of my freezer! And Josiah did NOT like it at all! ;-D

Wow, it is amazing that we can have a family picture on our first anniversary. We thank the Lord for our little boy!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the pictures. :)

Hhhmm...I'm thinking of a time that Anne and I played pool with you and Josiah...and there was a whole lot of nervous giggling going on. :o) Remember?

Anne said...

Hahahahahaha........... thanks for the reminder Rach:o). That was an awkward night, to say the least;). Great pics Tiff:D

Life full of blessings said...

HI Tiffany,
I just read through your blog....your sweet son Dillon, is just beautiful!
You asked on my blog about Ezzy, well his brain injury was complete damage due to his U-cord being wrapped around his neck when my water broke, it cause a Hypoxic brain injury, meaning lack of blood and oxygen flow to his brain. When we was born, he did not "wake up" at all and started having seizures, much of what you wrote hits very close to home :) He is now 29 months old and our little is Dillon to you!
By the sounds of it, Dillon is moving really well...that is great :) Keep it up, moving is GOOD!!! :) I know you have therapists, but if you need any advice or just have a mom to mom question, blog me any time :)
We are now struggling with CP big time, a very curved back and he now has casts on his feet to correct them, they were really curved....God is good and we Praise HIM for all He is doing and continues to do....glad to read of your love for God....He created Dillon just for you....
Rest IN HIM,