Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dillon's Hearing

Well yesterday was another adventure. Thankfully a lady in my church went with me to the hospital (1 hr 20 min away) and it turned out to be a BIG blessing becuase Dillon needed suctioned A LOT! After I got there we discovered I messed up the days - my appointments were for today. OOPS! Praise the Lord both of the doctors saw me anyways. Dillon's g-tube is is just fine. Praise the Lord there are no complications with it. Dillon's hearing, however is a different story. He failed the test again. They thought it might be because of nuerological trouble. So they gave him a test that wouldn't let the nuerological problems affect it - he failed. Then they gave him another test - he failed. They told me they thought he has water in the middle ear- to see my GP doctor. I did that tonight. He doesn't see anything so is sending me to a ear, nose, throat specialist. I will set up an appointment tomorrow. I am praying Dillon's hearing problems IS due to some sort of infection and that it will be treatable. He has been extra sleepy the last couple of days - I am not sure why. He also has not been lifting his head hardly at all. Maybe taking him in the car with the heat has just tired him out.

A meeting was held quite far from Earth!
It's time again for another birth.
Said the Angels to the LORD above,
This Special Child will need much love.
His progress may be very slow,
Accomplishments he may not show.
And he'll require extra care
From the folks he meets down there.
He may not run or laugh or play,
His thoughts may seem quite far away,
In many ways he won't adapt,
And he'll be known as handicapped.
So let's be careful where he's sent,
We want his life to be content.
Please LORD, find the parents who
Will do a special job for you.
They will not realize right away
The leading role they're asked to play,
But with this child sent from above
Comes stronger faith and richer love.
And soon they'll know the privilege given
In caring for their gift from Heaven.
Their precious charge, so meek and mild,


Abbi said...

What a sweet poem! Glad to hear that his G-tube is fine! We'll pray about his hearing. My babies wilted in heat like this. Hopefully, it's just wiping him out too and he'll perk up once the mercury comes down. Let us know what the ENT says!

Anne said...

What a fitting poem for a fitting family! It's just like Jack and Kim with Trevor; God chooses parents who can handle it:D... Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You all are in my prayers.