Sunday, August 06, 2006

Prayer Request

Tonight at church a chiropractor told Josiah and I that he may be able to help Dillon start to swallow by adjusting him several times. However - he believes that if he is unable to help him then it is from his brain damage and that he will never swallow. So I will take Dillon to see him tomorrow but please be praying that this man will be able to help him! (I know it will take several adjustments so I will not be expecting anything HUGE tomorrow but still....) Please, please pray!


Anne said...

It's a sad state of affairs if I have to read your blog to find out stuff that happened tonight when we just spent the *entire* evening together in nursery:-).... So you're gonna let Lino touch him. Hmm, you must be a brave lady:o).

Rachel said...

We'll be praying! Let us know how it goes. :) Lino's a nut...but he's a great chiropractor!

Anonymous said...

Tiff, Si, Dillon,

We are praying for all three of you. I hope that all goes well, every service we are at the altar and asking for a miracle, this very well may be it.

love you mommy, daddy, and gunny!!

Tiffany said...

Anne - it wasn't until AFTER service that he talked with us. Jeniffer and Eric were there so we were like the last people to leave church! (*excuse her fokes she has blonde hair! ;-D )
Rach - yeah Lino is a nut but if he can help Dillon he will be my new favorite doctor!!! ;-D

Anne said...

hmm... I suppose I am a little blonde... but do you mind if I ask you about spelling?;) (fokes = folks, according to Tiffany!:D)