Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thank you

I know Anne reads my blog so I thought I would let her know on here how much I appreciate her baby sitting Dillon tonight. Annex brother and sister-in-law and their children are moving Monday so Josiah and I wanted to go help them load the truck. I decided though that I would stay home because I would just be in the way with Dillon and unable to help. Anne said she would babysat for me. This does mean a lot to me because I know Anne doesn't care to watch when I suction him so for her to volunteer to watch him was a big step. Thank you Anne.

When we arrived (by motorcycle :-D ) to the house everything from the house was loaded. They were not taking hardly any furniture with them so there wasn't too much. However, they had put all the boxes into storage and Josiah was able to help load all that into the truck. Annex sister-in-law has been such a blessing to me I am going to miss her a lot. Her 4 year old son has Autism. It has been so nice just talking with her and hearing that she has gone through the same emotions I am going through. When I look at anyone else at church it is hard not to cry because they don't have the major uncertainties that we are facing for their children (I know we don't know the future and anything could happen but I think you understand what I mean). At least when she was here that was someone I knew was facing a lot of the same things we will be facing. I know what she went through at church when people thought her son was just bad and they didn't understand something was wrong with him - we will not face that part - but I think we will sometimes feel like we are alone in this simply because people don't understand what it is like. People will want to be there for us and support us but right now there isn't another mother I can cry with and share stories with that really understands. God is using this move in their life in a wonderful way - I wonder if God is using their move to teach me that He is one who does understand and that He will always be with me even when other people aren't. Thank you for the wonderful blessing you have been to me you have encouraged me in so many ways!!

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