Thursday, August 03, 2006

Okay, here is my first attempt at one stoke painting. Practice, practice, practice!!! but it was fun! :-D


Rachel Marie said...

Oh! I think that's lovely!
I'm sure you did better than I could!
So pretty! Keep it up!;-)

Si said...

See folks, my sweetheart is an artist! She did this in about 20 minutes. Now that's quick.

Tiffany said...

You are very sweet, Dear. But I am not an artist - you are by far more of an artist than I am! You just won't admit it, but I think so and your parents and sister and church people who have seen what you have drawn all agree you are an artist. So if I could do this just imagine what you could do! I love you!!

Si said...

I don't deny that I could do it, but it would take a few hours. In fact anyone can do it if they have enough time. An artist can do it quickly cause it flows. ;-)

Tiffany said...

haha not true. You could do this just as quick if you were to watch the videos on how to do it. (but you are very sweet!)

Rachel Marie said...

Wow! 20 minutes?!
That's great!:-)
So you both are artists?!?!

Oh, now I've just got to see more!!!;-D

BTW, you two are so funny!:-)

Abbi said...

Very cute! I hope you can do something that will keep you busy over the coming months.

Being a stay-at-home Mommy is wonderful, I wouldn't trade it for the world!! But life with the first newborn, can be boring a lot of the time. I know this from experience! And I'm sure Dillon's challenges must make being home a little more "isolating." I hope you can find something you like doing. It's not easy, like you said, to get engrossed in a project and then have to stop 30 minutes later to take care of the baby, and then pick it back up again, and then stop again... :) I'm sure you know what I mean.

Let us know about your endeavors...I enjoyed your artwork!