Monday, August 07, 2006


Chiropractor: Dillon had his first chiropractor appointment today. Lino was able to adjust one bone in his neck, which is a good thing. He did not try to do too much more but wants to see us again on Wed. I asked him about how long will it take to see improvement if it is going to happen. He said he has no idea because he has never dealt with a case like this before nor is there anything like this in the medical books. So he is in totally uncharted territory. However, I told Lino about his failed hearing test and that I don't think he tracks with his eyes yet. But Lino saw him jump twice at a popping noise from the tool he uses to relax muscles. The first time I thought he jumped because he felt it but then he jumped again when it wasn't even touching him. And Lino got Dillon to track with his eyes quite a bit. Maybe I just don't know little babies and this really is all they track at this point, maybe he does have vision problems - I don't know - but at least he was tracking a little! Please continue to pray that God might use Lino to work a miracle in Dillon.

A good book: I am about to head out again to go to a lady's book study group. We have been going over the book "Created to be his help meet" by Debi Pearl. Although I do not agree with everything 100% in her book it is an excellent book that I would recommend every Christian wife (and engaged girls) to read.


Anonymous said...

Praise God for even the little things!
I may get that book...I have yet to agree 100% with a book that I read. I don't know that it's really possible.
Dillon is always in my thoughts and I am continuing to pray for him.

Anonymous said...

Tiff, first can I borrow that book from you. Second daddy and I are praying for a miracle with Dillon, We have asked many people to pray, and they are.

Rachel Marie said...

I'll keep praying for Dillon! We serve a God who specializes in performing miracles for those who call upon Him! So don't be discouraged... just remember that HE is MORE than able!!!:-)

Also, I've read that book by Debi Pearl, and although I agree with you that I don't agree with what it contains 100%, it is a very good and study for Christian girls and ladies!