Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Daddy and Baby Boy

Last night Dillon decided to be wide awake from 12:30 until 2 am! And I do mean wide awake. I went downstairs with him to put him to bed. Well before I put Dillon the the pack-n-play I decided to hold him. I was laying back on some pillows (so I was at an upward angle) and I put Dillon on my chest. Well the little monkey decided he wanted to be up near my shoulder - and so he did. Dillon quickly made his way all the way up and past my shoulder. His head had gone beyond and it was hard to get a good grip on him to pull him back down. Then, once I did, he decided to do it again. Only this time he lifted his head enough to put his cheek on mine. I picked him up and put him back down lower on me and once again up he went! Then Daddy came and we put Dillon on daddies chest and he did the same thing. Then Si put Dillon so his feet were on the bed and he was laying across s's chest. Dillon was pushing his head up with his arms and pushing up on his feet and lifting his lower body up too. Then Si was teaching Dillon how to walk! He was holding Dillon so that his feet were touching the floor and Dillon was (not on purpose I'm sure) moving one foot then the other. It was the cutest thing to see Daddy and Baby Boy playing together. If we aren't too tired and can stay up with him again tonight I want to take pictures and video clips of the two of them. (The only time Si scared me is when Dillon decided to do a flip in the air - yeah like Dillon had any choice in the matter! - and then when Daddy decided to pick Dillon up up side down for a few seconds!!) All in all - there is nothing more wonderful than watching the man you love with your whole heart sweetly playing with the little boy you love with your whole heart. I love you both!!

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