Friday, August 25, 2006


Tuesday a doctor in Philly sent me away with a box is tissues saying "well I haven't told you anything you didn't already suspect." But he did, he told me Dillon can't even see the difference between light and dark. Tuesday was such a hard day my sister in law (who was with me at the appointment) and I cried the whole way home - our son is blind! My mom was telling a friend of mine about it and her son is 9 day younger than my son. He will only look at you for about two seconds at a time, he will not track things yet, and bright lights don't bother him. These are the reasons, though, that the doctor said he is blind. He also said the nerves were pale which indicates they suffered from lack of oxygen. However there is a chance the nerves could repair themselves. My husband researched it online and my friend's doctor confirm though, that you cannot tell this early and that only 10% of babies would pass the test Dillon was given. I asked my family doctor to send me to someone else for a second opinion - he sent me to the man a little girl in my church sees because of her eye problem. I quickly told them about Dillon and asked when they would be able to test him, the lady put me on hold and came back with "Can you bring in him tomorrow at 1pm?" Wow, I asked several times if it is too early or if they can tell and they told me they will be able to tell if he is blind or not. This time I am going into the exam much more informed and will not so ignorantly believe everything they tell me. Please be praying as his appointment is at 1 pm today. I will try to get an update on here ASAP, but no promises as to if that will be today or not. Thank you for your prayers!!

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Anne said...

Thanks for sending out the email update! Praying for ya:P