Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Last night Dillon was sleeping on my chest for quite some time around 9:30 I put him on Si's chest so I could get his food ready for his 10 o'clock feeding. Well from 9:30-10ish Dillon would "punch" his arms out every few seconds. Dillon did this again around 3:30am-5:30 when I put him in bed with us. He was having seizures - we are sure of this because we could not stop his arms from moving - which is a sure sign of a seizure. Since I was going to St. Chris's today anyways I visited the neurology department. His g-tube check up went well, and as I suspected he gain quite a bit of weight. Last Monday he was 6 lb 15 oz - today he was almost 7.5 lbs. So the neurologist increased his medicine amount because as he has gained weight he needed the amount of medicine to be increased so that it would be enough. They said if we see any more to let them know and they will increase it a little more and then if he still has any they will check his levels. He also had the therapist evaluate him this morning. They will be sending 2-3 therapist to our house. Occupational, physical, and possibly speech. Dillon was "scored" as a newborn in every area except one - and are you ready for this.... His FINE MOTOR SKILLS were that of a two month old. In case you are wondering why I find this amazing it is because the doctors told me that the motor skills were the area that was most affected by the brain damage! They consider Dillon to be a one month old (he is 7 weeks, but until he is 8 weeks he is considered 1 month) therefore he is a little behind in things right now but we will continue working with him. The idea of Early Intervention is not to have to teach us how to stop our day and "do therapy" it to teach us how to intertwine it into our daily life so it is part of our play time with him.
A girl from church went with me today to St. Chris's and although Dillon only needed sectioned once during the whole car ride it was a blessing to me that she went with me and sat in the back and was ready to help if he needed it. I appreciate the people who are willing to help me with things like this so much because I feel bad asking for help - but I know I need it. I feel like I should be able to take my son to the doctors without help from other people, but right now I have to get over my pride and know I need help. What makes it so much worse is when I have to ask 4 or more people before I find someone who is able to go that day - but this girl was perfectly willing to give up 5+ hours and go with me. Plus we have a good time talking - two girls in a car - what else is there to do!! :-D


Anne said...

Yay!!! That's exciting:-) Not the seizure part of course:(...but the rest of the stuff!

Happymama said...

Yes, besides the seizure part, everything else sounded wonderful. I've been trying to catch up on reading your blog. I didn't save the URL to my fav's file and when I saw you comment on Rachel's I followed you here! YAY!

I'll be praying for your little boy as you take him to the chiropractor. We did a homeschool outing to a chiropractor's office and I was amazed that they work on infants. Everything they said made perfect sense. So I hope that this chiropractor will be able to help.