Friday, August 25, 2006

Not Blind?

Well - we are not positive that Dillon is seeing but he left us with much more hope. The Optic nerve isn't perfect but he has seen much worse and the child could still see. He said if Dillon doesn't see it will be because of the brain damage - which we cannot test until about 4 months - not because of the nerve. He said he won't tell me Dillon isn't seeing now because he can't be sure and to stimulate Dillon as much as I can when he is awake. (The other doctor told me there was no point in stimulating). He also said he won't tell me Dillon will never see because if he did - he believes he would be wrong. When he left the nurse said sometimes we have to tell parents "we're sorry but we don't think your child will see, we cant be sure, but we don't think" but she said the doctors tone of voice was not saying that at all!
So - Dillon is definitely behind in seeing and he may or may not see in the future but he is very confident he will! Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray!! We have another appointment in October.

And so the question I have - that will always remain unanswered - is... Was the first doctor exaggerating - or did God work a miracle in Dillon's eyes between Tuesday and Friday? If the latter is true, I know it is due to the constant prayer of God's people. How can I say thank you enough? Praise God for He is a God who hears our cries and answers! He never left us alone and in fact I went into the appointment truly thinking I was going to be told he is blind by a second doctor. I am not sure if it was me preparing myself for the worst or if it was God asking me what I was going to do? I don't know how I handled it - if God would be pleased or not - but I do know that as hard as it was I was already thinking of things such as I am going to have to learn to be VERY organized, I am going to go online and find out where I can learn brawl, etc. Praise God for the hope we have been given. If the doctors have hope, how much more hope can I have when I know the Great Physician who loves my little boy more than I do.
It is late and I have to go now, but I want to write a few of the passages I have been reading in Psalms - maybe I can find time to do it tomorrow...

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