Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

First lets start back a few days: Saturday the 12th, my husband’s father, one brother, and sister came into town. Josiah took Monday off to spend the day with them. Everyone, except Dillon and I, went to play with Josiah’s remote control cars in the parking lot of a near by school. After they were done we went to a local shooting range and practice with my husband’s revolver. I think I shot 4 out of 12. Not too good, but considering I have only shot it on one previous occasion, I would say not too bad either. Then in the evening we, everyone except Ezra, went to a good by fellowship for a family who has been in this church for approximately 15 years. We had a good time walking around the park and just relaxing. When I went to say good bye it was hard because Kim is the only other mother in our church who understands what I am facing with Dillon. I talked about her and her autistic before in a previous blog. The following week Hannah and I kept very busy going to doctor appointments for Dillon, thus the reason I have not been on the computer lately.

Sunday was our first wedding anniversary so my husband planned a day for us on Saturday. We took Dillon to the babysitter – a very sweet lady in our church who was willing to learn how to care for Dillon even though she has a two year old son and is expecting another baby. Her son LOVES Dillon to pieces. He wanted to take Dillon out of the carrier as soon as I got there but his mommy told him she had to help. He was quite confused though when I picked Dillon up and said, “But Mrs. Koonzi picks him up.” His mommy kindly explained that is because I am Dillon’s Mommy and am allowed to, plus I am a grown up so I don’t need help. It wasn’t until we were almost at our destination (which was about 1.5 hours away) that I finally guessed (correctly that is!) where we were going. My sweet husband bought tickets a month or so ago on the internet for Sight and Sound. We saw the production “Ruth”. Josiah did not know that I had seen this one before, but it was much different to watch it with my husband rather than a bunch of girls (no offence girls! ;-D ) Josiah has never seen anything at Sight and Sound, but I have seen Ruth and Abraham and Sarah. If you have never been there and live anywhere near here I suggest you go it is very good for adults and children. It is very pricey though. L http://www.sight-sound.com/WebSiteSS/getlanguages.do
After we saw the show we went to a fine dining restaurant (which Josiah had already bought a voucher for.) I am sure we made quite a sence in the restaurant though! We got there and sat down until the waitress came to ask what we would like to drink, we both ordered water. Then when she came back and asked for our order, we ordered an appetizer of baby lamb chops to split. (This was the only appetizer I knew what it was!) Then we ordered our meal (yes, I am typing correctly when I say meal and not meals) We decided to split pork something or other that I don’t even remember what it was. Again, it was the one I knew what most of the things in it were. Then we both got up and went to the restroom, Josiah returned rather quickly but I was standing in a bathroom stall for 15 minutes pumping. While I was in there at least one person came in and out. I wonder - what did they think that noise was? When I finally returned to our table Josiah was eating the bread they brought out. We were amazed by the fact that the butter was in a little dish and it was very cold. When our appetizer came Josiah ate two lamb chops and I ate one, they were wonderful. Then we split the spinach that came with it and were dipping our bread in the juice, I sweetly pointed out to Josiah the spinach that was in his teeth and quickly regretted it. He started picking his teeth right there at the table! I kept trying to get him to stop but finally he got it out with his tongue. We looked at desert but when they only had chocolate and vanilla ice cream and a couple other deserts we decided to pass. Upstairs they had a Ballard room – I won by one ball! Then we decided to head home. That pretty much was the end of our day. It was a nice relaxing time that we both needed.
Thank you Honey for the wonderful time and the sweet planning you did. I will always remember our first anniversary! I love you and am so thankful that you asked me to marry you.


Anne said...

Being "one of the girls", no offence taken;).

Last night Hannah and I were talking about the trip to WV and all the times I chaperoned you... I definitely WOULD NOT want to chaperone you now; to WV, Rita's, or anywhere else;). Happy Aniversary:D

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time! When is your anniversary? We celebrated our 3rd on the 10th.
I've been missing you and have been concerned and am very thankful all is well. How is Dillon doing?