Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Today was just another day. Dillon started with acupuncture again. Grandpa K was able to watch via skype. It isn’t fun to watch though as Dillon almost cries from it. The needles in the neck don’t seem to bother him - because his muscles aren’t tight there. The arms hurt a little (today was the first day he cried from the arms). But his legs hurt the most, but his legs are also the most tight. As much as it tears my heart out to listen to his crying, I know it is for his good.
A little later the translator, Jason, came in and of course Jay got him to read again. Jason was also teaching us some Chinese words. He is very good at explaining how to say it and what it means. He explained some of the Chinese characters and what they mean too. Mom and I are trying our hardest to learn a few words every day. Some of the words we now know pretty good are; head, hair, pillow, yes, no, bed, thank you, hello. Chinese is very hard to learn! Our mouths and tongues just don’t move like that!

Jason reading to Jay again

Dillon had PT again this morning, but it was pretty much the same as last time so I didn’t get any pictures. He had the electrowave therapy for 20 minutes again. He seems to be very comfortable during the therapy. Then we had lunch. Mom K wasn’t feeling like eating too much so I ordered something I thought would be pretty good. Vegetable soup and more of the rice we know we like. I don’t know what was in the soup. It was sour and spicy. And it had green leaves of some sort in it. We both tried a little, but it was not like our vegetable soup at all. The rice was good though.
Then, Grandma was trying to catch up on sleep since she was up most of the night with Dillon. I tried to write some Chinese words. I wrote a note saying “Hello, My name is Dillon K. I am American. Thank you. If you give me your email address I will write to you. ~Dillon” I want to hand write a thank you note when we leave and these were the only phrases I could find in my phrase book. I took the note to one of the translators to see if they could read it without knowing what I was trying to write. They could! He said it was very neat. He said my English handwriting must be neat - I showed him and he laughed and said no it isn’t! But then a Solider walked up and the translator handed him my note and told him it was my first attempt at Chinese symbols….he said my handwriting is better than his! The solider, who I have never seen before, then asked if he could take a picture of JayDonn. They all love him, even upon meeting him for the first time. So anyways, I found a website that lets you type in anything you want and it translates it into simplified Chinese. So I am going to work on writing a better thank you note.
Then we went to therapy again. We decided to let Grandma stay and rest while I took the boys. I went to another building first to get JayDonn some ice cream. He really is being a good boy considering we have been away from home for a week now and been stuck in two little rooms the whole time. The picture is Jay eating his ice cream while Dillon is working on therapy.

Ice cream

Dillon seems to enjoy the therapy. He was cooing during it and even trying to lift his head. He was moving his arms a little while on his belly too. They ladies are so good with him. They are teaching me different pressure points and ways to position him. They told me I can get the rolls they use for positioning at the supermarket here so I think I will try to find a couple.

Relaxing during therapy

JayDonn - always the goofy kid. He is so sweet. I love him. During therapy in the morning he was on a little stool with wheels and was going over to Dillon’s head and giving him tons of kisses! He is a good little man (most of the time!)A couple people today asked us about Jay’s double crown. They don’t see that much in the Chinese people. They think it is cute.

Being goofy

My other little man. Isn’t he beautiful? Most of the ladies comment on his beautiful skin, his long eye lashes and his “angel skin”.

My beautiful little boy

More therapy…

Dillon working hard

Dear everyone,
Please keep praying for me. I am working so hard everyday to try to get better. I am even going through 8 needles every day, not including the needles for the IVs and the spinals that I will have later this week. I am working in therapy every day too. Please keep praying - pray with faith. Pray believing that God can and will work a miracle in my life! Your prayers have been answered in that I am here, so just keep praying for me to make huge improvements! Remember, we are praying to the One who created everything, the Great Physician. He can do something wonderful in my life.

Look at my big boy!

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Amazing!!!! Watching daily....love ya all and praying for everyone