Sunday, August 02, 2009


Grandma playing tent with tent!!
All this cost $15.00 - for those who know Tiffany this is her type of shopping!!!

Mom walking home - again see all those bikes They literally run you over!!!!

This is after Mom and JayDonn came back to me

More tourist pictures!! If it weren't obvious enough we are not from around here - mom kept taking our pictures

This is right outside the market- but you can't see it right here

See all the bikes in the background?

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Anonymous said...

I am trying a second time. Don't think it was my fault/

Wow what a blog! Like your hat. Is it real hot over there? Wrote a book before so will make this short.

Jay and Dillon are so cute Donna looks good also. She always does when I see her.

That is so interesting about the stem cells. Will continue to pray for that treatment also.

Have a good sleep or guess it is day now. Wonder what you will eat today?

Love Gramma (like Jay's version)