Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today was our last Sunday here in China! We leave next Saturday.
Grandma made pancakes again, this time she made Jay an elephant. He loved it. He had a great time eating the trunk, then the legs, and Grandma even told him he was eating the heart….yuck! But he thought it was pretty fun…

Grandma made pancakes again this morning - an elephant this time!

We went out back behind our building to take some pictures. It was a beautiful day and there are some very beautiful areas, but right as we got there JayDonn fell and scraped his knee. It was all downhill from there. He kept crying and we had to go back in. We will try again another day.

Behind our building

Cute Boy

All four of us under a tree

Jay and Grandma looking up into the tree

Grandma and her boys

Mommy and Jay pointing at the big rock in the middle of the pond

Dillon by the pond

Jay was not happy with his scrap on his leg...

In the afternoon I went into town with a friend again. These are escalators that criss-cross up several flights. It was pretty neat to see.

escalators cris-crossing up several flights

I would NOT want this man’s job. See the tiny black dot on the side of this huge building? That is someone washing the windows!

The tiny black dot on the side of the building is someone washing the windows…how would you like HIS job?!?

This week should go by pretty fast. Monday Mom needs to go grocery shopping and I have therapies with Dillon. Tuesday is stem cells. Wednesday we are going with a couple and a translator to see some of the area outside the big city (yes I will get LOTS of pictures!) Thursday we will start packing. Friday we need to finish packing all but the last minute things, Saturday morning by 7:45am we will be on our way to the airport to start our 23 hours of traveling.
Dillon did sleep better last night, I am about to go to sleep now so I am praying he will sleep good again tonight (the rest of us need the sleep as well!!!)
Have a great Sunday evening at Church! And if you don’t get this on time have a great Monday!

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