Saturday, August 15, 2009


Doesn’t that title just make you sit on the edge of your seat? I bet you are dying to read this update! hahaha
Let’s see, can you guess how we started our day today? Yup! With acupuncture! Dillon did not cry today but he was pulling away from the needles pretty strong. Which is a good thing because he doesn’t always pull away from pain.
Then we went down for the PT and he did great. He was sleeping so he didn’t cough until the very end and he was relaxed so they could move his muscles all around.
In the afternoon I took a little rest. Grandma and I have this joke that we are in a “coma”. If we rest in the afternoon or after we get very little sleep at night we wake up feeling as though we are in a coma and can’t move. So I was in my coma. I walked with Jay to get a coke which helped. I am surprised I am not having major caffinee withdrawls since I have more coffee at home. Dillon’s nurse and some of the volunteers bring us ice coffee sometimes. I miss Dunkin!!!! I even had a dream that they have dunkin here and I went and got my picture with them just to show Dillon’s nurse!
Then we went to OT and again he did pretty good. He was actually awake - which means more coughing. But it is good for him to be more alert during therapy. We put him on a ball and he did a little bit of holding his own head up. They also put the ice sticks in his mouth for the first time today, but I forgot my camera.
After therapy JayDonn was playing with stickers and decided to put them ON Dillon. Boy boy can’t defend himself against his little brother!

Jay thinks Dillon is her personal sticker book!
I guess it is one way for Dillon and Jay to play together...

So now it is night time and I am feeding Dillon and praying he will have a good night’s rest. I am also praying that God would protect JayDonn from the nightmares he is having almost every night. He kicks and moves all around and yells NO. I think he is just having trouble with all the changes and missing home but I know in my heart it is better than what he would have been feeling if I would have left him at home and came without him!
Also, please do pray for my mom. She is in the hospital right now and the doctors aren’t sure what is making her sick. I know she would appreciate your prayers too.
Tomorrow (Saturday) is like any other day for us. But I will try to take my camera with me and get some pictures of differnt things. I keep forgetting to take it with me… Have a great day everyone and thank you for caring, loving, and praying for us!

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