Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This morning we got a chance to meet the Administrator of the hospital. She was coming around with a camera crew to talk with some of the patients for a commercial they are making about the hospital. She was very nice and her English was excellent. She said she spent some time in Missouri.

Aministrator of the Hospital

The rest of the day was a normal day of therapy. Dillon didn’t run a fever today so that is good. Tonight Mom made an excellent soup with beef broth, onions, celery, potatoes, carrots, and green beans (which by the way are about 18 inches long here!). Then we ordered some dessert from in the hospital to see what it is like. I ordered Friend Bananas, but they didn’t have that or the fried apples so we had to go with fried watermelon…. I have never heard of fried watermelon before!

Fried watermelon.


It was pretty good but very sweet. The best way to describe it is a tiny piece of watermelon in a breading that is fried and has a candy apple style carmized sugar on it and then has a few sesame seeds on it. They are WAY to sweet for how many it comes with so we shared with some other people on our floor.

Dillon and Grandma - notice the Chinese Diaper!

I bought more diapers the other day and did not know there was different kinds of diapers! I got some that don’t have any tabs or anything but they stick to the inside of this cloth that comes with it and ties around the baby. They did not work at all for Jay - he soaked his whole bed! But they work ok for Dillon. We are going to try to get some other kind tomorrow. Just for a better look at the diaper…


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