Friday, August 21, 2009


This morning Grandma made us pancakes with some mix we brought from home. We bought strawberry jam to go on them since they don’t sell syrup. They were a wonderful break from my usual granola bar for breakfast. Grandma made JayDonn a hippo pancake. At first he didn’t want to eat it, but then he ate all but 2 bites of it!

Hippo pancake

Dillon went down about 12pm for his last spinal. It was raining again, so we walked with umbrellas covering him. The ground is VERY slippery because they have beautiful polished stone designs in the ground. I was glad to be holding the umbrella and Dillon’s stretcher…I didn’t fall this way! Last time of one the translators asked me if it was easier the second time than the first. No, it isn’t. I am always nervous when Dillon goes in for a procedure like this, it never gets any easier. The only comfort I have is knowing that he is in God’s hands and that God is in control of everything. I can’t make the procedure go well, no matter how much I wish it to - I have no real control. My God, however, is in complete control and nothing will happen to Dillon without Him allowing it to. And I know that if God allows something to happen, He will be with me as I deal with whatever it may be. His Word promises to never leave me nor forsake me. I took comfort in these thoughts as we pushed him over to the building where the OR is.

walking in the rain - again!

As we were walking over, JayDonn was playing in the water. Not a clue to the procedure his brother was about to undergo for the third time in two weeks. Right before they came to take us to the OR Grandma and Jay went to the food market for some veggies and Jay fell in the mud. So by this time he was already wet and dirty - what’s a little more?

Playing in the water

Here I am signing one of the papers to allow them to do the lumbar puncture on Dillon. It is the same types of forms that we sign in the USA before a procedure like this takes place.

Signing off for the procedure

Dillon came out of it just fine. They had to suction a few times during this one, which is the most they have had to suction for any of them. I am so thankful everything went well.
I was waiting in the OR waiting room with two of the translators for Dillon to finish up and come out. The room is very busy and therefore it is very loud. A lot of people, all talking away. The moment the doors opened and Dillon was pushed out into the room, the whole room fell completely silent. You could have heard a pin drop! I told the translators “Boy, we sure know how to silence a room!” Everyone was just curious about Dillon and was watching as we wheeled him out to the elevators. Then on the elevators, which are always packed with people, a lady was saying something about Dillon and then something about me. After exiting the elevators I asked the translators what she was saying. He said she was commenting on how white Dillon’s skin is and that he must belong to me!
I want to thank the doctors who took the extra time and expenses to protect Dillon by taking him to the OR for these procedures. This normally costs a lot more, but I believe they told me they are not charging me for it. I also want to Praise the Lord for giving these doctors the wisdom and skill that was needed to preform three lumbar punctures on Dillon without any complications!
Jay was playing with the camera so a few people were helping him take pictures. Here is a picture of a couple of the nurses.


This picture is Jay with Sid, one of the translators. When we go home in 9 days, I think Jay is going to miss all of his playmates here!

JayDonn and Sid

Tonight we ordered Spicy chicken (NOT whole chicken!!!) with peanuts. Well, there were no peanuts so I am thinking maybe it was peanut sauce…? Anyways, it was spicy, but it was SO good! I loved it! Mom liked it, but it was too hot for her. Jay seemed to like the chicken. He only yelled the first bite he had when the spice “bit” him back. After that he was expecting it and liked it. (We didn’t eat those red peppers at the top of the plate)

Hot - but Yummy!

Jay likes the fridge at home and he likes it here. We bought him yogurt, which is creamier than ours, and he loves it. Normally he has at least one a day back home and he hasn’t had any until a few days ago.

Playing in the fridge

His other favorite food back home is cheese! The only cheese we have had since we came was the box of velveeta cheese that I brought with us. We are almost out of it though :-(. I did buy him some cheese at the store and he just found it in the fridge tonight. I opened it up and gave him one. Before he even ate it he said “UMMM I like it!” heehee He did eat the whole piece then, so I guess he did like it.

He found the cheese I bought him

JayDonn is a crazy boy who loves to play with anyone he can. Beware if you ever lay down near him! He thinks anyone laying down is there to be his jungle gym and trampoline. Here he is playing with Grandma…

Playing with Grandma

Tomorrow will be therapy, but not acupuncture. The doctor isn’t going to be here tomorrow. Everything else should be a normal day as far as I know.
The people here are so great, it is fun being here and learning a new language, eating new food, experiencing a new culture….but I am really getting homesick. I can’t wait to go home and see my sweet husband! I can’t wait to go home and see all my friends! Please pray for strength for Mom and I both in this last week.

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