Monday, August 17, 2009


We are half way done with the stem cells. Dillon got his second IV of stem cells today which makes a total of 3. We have two spinals and one IV left. The next spinal is on Monday.

Second IV stem cells


Here they go!

Some pictures of JayDonn being a silly boy…

Instead of saying "cheese" Jay says "China!"


Awww isn't he sweet


Being silly


Daddy was making funny faces on the web cam, so Jay was making some for me later on…

Mom had a fun time with him at the store today. He kept having to go potty and she was in the store with him alone. So he was saying he needed to go during the check out and these ladies kept stopping to see him and coo at him and then would go in front of mom in the line. I guess it is normal over here to cut in front of someone in line, it is not considered rude at all. So Mom had to be a little pushy to get through the line and by then Jay had a little accident. But she said he did hold it for a long time. Mom said Jay was a pretty good boy in the store over all so that is good. He had a good day today for the most part, I think he slept better last night which helps.
Well it is 3:36am for me as I write this, I am feeding Dillon and would like to get to sleep as soon as I am done so I will not write any more. Until tomorrow…

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