Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today was a normal Saturday but without acupuncture.
JayDonn found a little comb and mirror of Grandma’s and was brushing his hair…

Jay Combing his hair while holding a mirror
. Erin and Dillon

Tired after therapy

JayDonn took this picture...he really likes taking pictures now!

He loves to look at the wedding picture Josiah sent with me, he even kisses Daddy in it

Grandma and her boys

Today I got some pictures of some of the friends we have met here. I still need to get some other people, but these are a few of them…
This picture is Raveendran and his wife Bindu doing therapy for the last time. They are leaving for the airport in two hours…

Raveendran and Bindu

Raveendran and Bindu - he has a spinal cord injury from an auto accident

Miss Ana from Romania

Mr Liam and Miss Celine from Ireland

Tomorrow is Sunday so we will watch a service online. I am missing church so much. I miss the preaching, the singing, the fellowship, all of it. I can’t wait to come home and get back to church! But for now, we will continue to listen to services online. Josiah sent me some music yesterday and that has been a big blessing to me. I listened to it as I went to sleep to comfort me and keep me from feeling homesick. Thank you Honey!

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