Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Everyday we get to talk to Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma S and Grandpa K. We love skype! By the way if you have skype please add us, we would love to chat with anyone we know. So Jay has started kissing people on skype. You can see in the picture below…

JayDonn kissing Pappa, he also kisses Grandma and Daddy!

They brought in a lamp to make Dillon’s bed area a sterile enviroment. We had to be out of the room for 30 minutes while it was cleaning the air and the surrounding things. It is pretty neat, this way they don’t have to take the patients to a different location they can do the treatments right in the room. Below is the lamp…

Making a sterile enviroment

The nurses were having a hard time looking for a vein for the IV. I started looking and they gave me a turnicate so I could try to find one. We found one in his leg and the nurses tried but the blood clotted too fast and they had to pull it out. So we gave Dillon 3 ounces (which is a lot for him) of water and waited about 30 minutes. They tried a vein in his other foot and the same thing happened. So they called in a nurse from the pediatric floor and while we were waiting for her I was putting hot wash clothes on his arms. The nurse was able to get it on the first attempt. Below is a picture of us trying to find a vein...Dillon's vein are very hard! And he is going to need several more in the next three weeks!Looking for a vein for an IV

The nurses tried so hard to get an IV

For lunch we ordered fried rice, it was the best thing we have had so far. It is so good! Plus it was enough to feed all three of us for only 0.50! I like the prices here! (well, of everything except the laundry!) Below is a picture of the first time JayDonn tried to use Chop Sticks! He was so cute and actually pretty good!

Jays first time using chop sticks

Liquid gold! I have heard that expression before but these umbilical cord stem cells are just that. They are clear but golden in color and hopefully will be more valuable to Dillon than gold! The first pack of stem cells are in my hand below

The wonderful stem cells!!

Hanging the first stem cells! There they go! There was confusin about a medicine they wanted to give before the stem cells to keep Dillon’s body from fighting off the stem cells. However, it is a steriod and will cause his blood sugar to go very high which is very dangerous for his diet. So after Josiah confirmed with Dillon’s hospital back home that we can’t do that they wanted to do benadryl but the hospital back home said that may not be safe either. The Chinese doctor explained to me that it is just Chinese custom to give these medications but they aren’t needed. It is just to prevent a fever. So he decided we would give the stem cells and then just watch close to be sure he didn’t get a fever. They came in about once every hour at first, but his temp was perfectly fine. So he got his first set of stem cells! There are new, unidentified cells traveling in his body that are looking for a new home. His brain may be getting new cells right now!

The nurse is hanging Dillon's first stem cells
Dillon receiving the first stem cells!!

Celia is one of the nurses here that loves JayDonn pieces! She came in today, on her day off, in her Army uniform. She is a solider! Her husband used to be one, but is now a police officer. She wanted to get pictures with Jay on her camera so I got some one mine too. They just love JayDonn so much around here!

Celia and JayDonn
Celia and Jason with JayDonn. Jason is a translator and Jay just loves him. Jason was playing with Jay and throwing him up in the air and spinning him around. Jay wanted Jason to read one of his favorite books to him so he did.

Celia, JayDonn, and Jason

Celia started reading one of JayDonn’s book to him and he loved it. I think Celia liked his books too! I think they like to practice their English, not only verbally but with the written language. She is very good at reading. She said she doesn’t pronounce words right, but I told her so is so much better in English than I will ever be in Chinese!

Celia and Jay reading together

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