Monday, August 24, 2009


Foreword by Tiffany: I just want to let everyone know - the Mom I have seen in China is nothing like the Mom back home! Back home she doesn’t shop much at all, here she has spent money pretty much every day! (Either on gifts or on food at the market) Back home if anything might even be the least bit dirty, or even if Mom THINKS it is a little dirty she washes it. Due to the laundry being so expensive I have heard things like “oh it isn’t that bad, it can go for another day!” Anyone who knows Mom knows this is not like her! She even wants to take home dirty clothes! hahahaha China sure has changed Mom! Don’t worry I don’t think the changes will be permanent. By the way: I HATE shopping, I always have. But I LOVE it here, the prices are so much better than ours so I can’t tease her too much!

By Mom: I actually went shopping last Thursday (of course, I’ve been to the food market almost every day except Sunday) and this is now Monday morning. On this trip I went with a translator (thanks, Michelle) and Celine from Ireland. We left Liam, the fellow from Ireland, at a restaurant (while we shopped) so I got some photos from the second floor restaurant windows of the streets. People, bikes, 3 wheeled bike/carts and taxis everywhere! There is a lot of construction going on. The translator told me that three years ago the government said things needed to be remodeled so the whole city is “under construction” or so it seems. I was able know where I was going and to negotiate prices better with a translator.

I think I have figured out Proverbs 31:17b “and strengtheneth her arms”. Scrubbing clothes in the baby tub and wringing them out certainly helps to strengthen the arms! Dillon goes through an amazing number of towels. For those of you who don’t know, Dillon can’t swallow, so all of his secretions must be caught or suctioned. Please pray that the stem cells help his swallowing and also help to decrease his seizures. It is so hard to see him seizuring so many times a day (30-40).
The translators and cleaning ladies (who know no English) have been TRYING to teach me Chinese. Quite a task to make your mouth say words and sounds we have never said before. I can actually feel my jaw being tired after trying to get the tones and words correct!

I have greatly enjoyed my time here with the boys and Tiffany and have enjoyed getting to know the folks on this floor (workers and patients and patients’ families). I’ve had some time to cuddle our little Precious (he feels plenty heavy to me). Jay is great fun and a two year old challenge! Tiffany and I have had some time to talk. Dillon has actually slept five nights (not in a row) better which has been a great help to Tiffany and I. Thanks to those of you who have been praying about this. We still need more sleep! However, I do miss the hills of West Virginia and my dear husband and daughter. We have been able to watch church services (from Daniel’s church-online)which is a blessing but it is not the same as being with God’s people at church. Dillon has only one stem cell treatment left (Tuesday) and we are looking forward to our ride around and outside the city on Wednesday, Lord willing.

A photo from the restaurant window.

A 3 wheeled bike/cart (a common site).

Cooking on the side of the street.

Following Michelle through the streets. The sidewalks are under construction so we had to walk in the bike lane.

Mrs. Jung, one of our cleaning ladies (thank you).

Mrs. Fung, one of our cleaning ladies (thank you).

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