Thursday, August 06, 2009


Let’s see… today started with the doctors coming in and talking with us. They wanted to put Dillon on an antibitoic “just in case” but we talked with them about the fact that it is so hard on Dillon’s body and shouldn’t be used unless needed, so they agreed to wait and only use it if needed. We talked about what medicine Dillon can use for the spinal injection tomorrow. Then we had the normal acupuncture in the morning. This time Dillon cried a lot during it - he even had two tears! He has never had tears with a “cry” the only time he has had tears it has been more like his eyes watering, but these were really tears! Poor baby! It must really hurt!
Therapy went well this morning, nothing new happened there. After the first therapy we decided to walk to Vanguard again (the supermarket).
Getting ready to start our walk…

Going to the store
Outside the hospital is an area where all the bikes park….

Bike parking lot

Trees… Dad K likes trees so Mom asked me to take pictures of some of the trees.

Mom in front of a pretty tree…

Some of the buildings we pass on our walk, I thought these signs were pretty…

There is an area outside the supermarket where the bikes park too. It is pretty full usually!

Dragon Fruit… we bought one today but we didn’t get to try it yet. One of the translators told us it is good. Maybe tomorrow.

A picture of the supermarket we walk to. It isn’t the best angle to read the sign, but it is something at least.

I love this sign I saw in the hospital today. We noticed several things in the store today that have spelling errors like this. Anyone who knows me, knows I can not spell, so I can relate to these signs.

gotta love it!

Dillon was given ice therapy again today. Here are some of the pictures from it. I don’t think he likes it too much, but it is good for him.


more ice therapy


Dillon doesn't really like it!

Friday morning at 10-11 am (which is Thursday night at 10-11pm for people back home) Dillon will be going to the OR for a lumbar puncture. Normally they do these in the bedroom, but they are putting Dillon under sedation for it so they are taking him to the OR. PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR HIM! He is at a HIGH risk for aspiration while he is under. Please pray he will not aspirate, and that God would dry up his secretions while he is under. Also, please pray God would be with the doctors and guide their hands as they do this procedure. We will let you know how it goes. Afterwards he will have to lay flat for at least 6 hours to prevent a spinal headache.

Thank you for praying, I am pretty nervous. But I have to remember that God brought us to China for a reason and the whole point in coming was for the spinals so I have to trust that He will be in control tomorrow. I know there is nothing I can do to protect Dillon, he is in God’s hands.

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