Saturday, August 01, 2009


Dillon had another hard night - I think he is still on Eastern time instead of China time. PLEASE pray the boys would sleep tonight so we can sleep. Mom and I are SO tired. I got to sleep 9-12 then was up till 5:30 and got to sleep from 5:30-7. PLEASE pray we can get more sleep at one time tonight. If you read this during the day - we are trying to sleep right now.
Today Dillon had his second acupuncture session. He yelled out so loud during it, I think it must hurt him. It was like he was crying! It is the closest to a cry that I have ever heard from Dillon! But it was over quickly and he was fine. Mom and I feel so bad listening to him yell out like that, but we know it is only for a few seconds and that the potential for helping him is so great that we need to continue with it.
One of the translators took me to a market several blocks away. We decided to walk instead of a taxi so that if I want to take Dillon with me sometime I know how to get there. As we were walking I was trying to watch out for all the bikes, scooters, and cars. I turned to ask something and next thing I know the translator was reaching out for me and I was bumped in the arm by a person who was riding a bike and hit me! Ok, note to self - be very very careful of the traffic! So we went to this super market that was so cool. It was like a Walmart with how much stuff they had but isn’t set up like that at all. It is on two floors and has an esclator - but it is a ramp instead of steps so people can take their shopping carts up. I got a few things we needed and headed home. I saw there was a KFC right beside it and thought it might be nice to have that one night for dinner.
In the late morning we went to the PT room for an hour. They did a lot of range of motion with Dillon and then did some electrowave therapy for 20 minutes. The electrowave therapy feels like a very light vibration. They put it on the flexer muscles to encourage them to want to flex. Since he is always in extension they are trying to get his muscles to flex on their own. He seemed to enjoy all the therapy.

One of the PT ladies was playing with JayDonn - he LOVED it!
A little later in the afternoon we went for OT. During the whole OT they did massage therapy. It is a special technique they use, but I am not sure what it is called. Dillon relaxed into all this and went to sleep. His muscles were so loose and relaxed he was even cooing at them. They are going to teach me some of the pressure points for different things and how to do the massages before we leave.

Can I have a turn next? It looks like it feels so good!

Michelle she is the translator that picked us up from the airport
Mom decided she needed out with JayDonn. So they were going to walk to KFC for dinner. Only I was the one who went this morning not her. So AFTER she left I remembered that I never told her how to get there. About 40 minutes later Mom and Jay come in and Jay says “Lost!” They had no idea where they were and Mom could tell it was starting to rain so they found their way back, never coming across the KFC. She even forgot to take the little transltor we have. Thankfully she did remember the card that has the name of the hospital in Chinese on it so any taxi driver would be able to get you back. But Mom found it without needing a taxi.
So then we decided to order out for pizza, only the translators said they won’t deliver in rain. He told us that KFC will, though. Great! Back to the KFC for dinner. So we saw a menu and decided what to order. The translator called to order it for us, but the phone number isn’t working. Ok, so we are back to ordering from the restaurant in the hospital. We decided on Roast Chicken (less than 5.00), a fried pancake (.15), and a vegitarian food (whatever that means for .15). The meal came and it looked beautiful! The chicken was on a large plate sitting on lettuce and had the sauce (grease) all over it. Looked great! Mom was holding Dillon so she told me to serve it up for us. As I cut into it I realized… when they say whole chicken, they mean WHOLE chicken! So I tried not to look too close and got us each some meat. It tasted pretty good. It was red meat - not red like under cooked but red as in just the color of the meat. Tasted a little different than any chicken I have had, but was good. Then I went to cut more and had a hard time with what I was seeing. I got Jay off a bunch of meat and he LOVED it. He ate more of the chicken than anything else since we got here. So anyways, Mom came to look at it after she finished her meat. Inside this chicken were the legs - claws and all. The head, beak and comb and all. I am NOT used to this kind of thing! So then Mom started to dissect the parts we had not eaten

Thankfully - we brought peanut butter power bars!

Will try to figure out how to post Tiffany's pics. later sorry they are not in this post!

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You'll have to get that "recipe" and make the chicken for Josiah when you get he can share in the experience. :)