Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today was one of our normal days. Only some family got on skype to watch acupuncture and then we didn’t have it until after physical therapy this time. Oh well, another day.
I got several pictures during occupational therapy today that I thought you would like to see.

This is the back of the first Hospital building, OT is in the second, our room is in the third.

. The walkway from the first build to the second is pretty

Dillon and JayDonn both doing therapy or as Jay calls it - riding a horsey

. Erin works with Dillon everyday during OT. She is very good with him

The director of the Therapy department gave JayDonn two little dessert sticks so Jay let Dillon have one...


...of course he kept the other!

I have some pictures of something else that is very special, but I can’t post them till tomorrow! It is a surprise!
Tomorrow Mom is going shopping so there should be some cool pictures. Until then…

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