Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today was another normal day. Dillon had acupuncture, and did not cry with it. Then he went to therapy and they did their normal things with him. In the afternoon Grandma took a little nap (last night I was so tired I was sleeping through his oxygen alarm so I had to wake Grandma to take over at 3am instead of 6am like we have been doing). So I got to sleep from 3-8 and that was one of the longest periods of sleep I have had since I have been here. But that means that Grandma was more tired today. So I went on a walk with JayDonn to the market to buy bananas and onions. Then Jay and I rested in the afternoon too;Jay slept, I couldn’t. I took Dillon to his other therapy and Grandma made us a wonderful dinner. Mashed potatoes with carrots and fried onions, garlic, zucchini, and green peppers. It was wonderful! Jay had a great time playing with Jason and Sid, they were kicking the ball around the hallways. They are teaching him some Chinese words for kick the ball and that type of stuff.
Then we have been playing with Jay and cleaning around here like we normally do every night. Like I said, just a normal day.
We didn’t take pictures much today, but I will show you the moon Mom took a picture of last night and the same sky was actually blue today! This is the first time we have seen a blue sky since we have been here. Normally it is a slate gray, but today it was a beautiful blue with some white clouds! It was a hot, dry day which seems unusual too (at least to us it seems it is usually humid…)

Moon outside our window

Same shot as above, but a beautiful BLUE sky!

Isn't it WONDERFUL?!

Dillon will have his second IV stem cells tomorrow. They tried to keep the IV in from Friday, but it had to be taken out today. Please pray they can get a vein on him tomorrow. They should be here around 10 or so to try. Last time it took 3 tries before they got a vein, he is a vey hard stick. We will try to give him extra fluids before and I think they are having a nurse from the peds floor come to do it. But please just pray that Dillon won’t have to go through any more sticks then necessary.
Thank you! And thank you to everyone who has sent us a little email of encouragement! It really helps! Oh another major blessing is our notes from home. Dad wrote Mom a letter to open everyday and ladies in my church wrote me a letter to open everyday. Mom and I look forward to opening those SO much! Mom opens her’s right after midnight - or as soon as she wakes up normally. I open mine in the morning after I am up for the day. We have been so blessed and encouraged by our notes. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write those, and to Molly for setting it up - it has been a HUGE blessing to us! We have taped all our notes up along our room so we can see them all day long and be encouraged every time we look at them!

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