Saturday, August 08, 2009


Last night was a good night, Dillon slept pretty good. I was able to let Mom sleep a little later than normal. Then this morning Dillon had tons of secretions and felt a little warm. He had a temp of around 99 something. The doctors told us to start him on our natural antibiotics. They decided to skip the acupuncture this morning since Dillon was not feeling the best. We still went down to physical therapy and while we were there a nurse came down to get a blood sample from Dillon. It was pretty neat how they did it actually, not like anything I have seen in the States. They used this little needle that looked like the blood sugar needle but there was not cover on it or anything - it was just The needle. They stuck his finger and then used this long, thin, glass straw-like tube with dropper on the top to suck the blood up. She then put a drop of the the blood on a microscope slide and some into a plastic vial with some sort of liquid in it. She squeezed the plastic vial then covered it up. She took another glass microscope slide and smeared the drop of blood all over the other one. She then took it all away. About an hour later they told us Dillon’s while blood cells are at 16, normal is 10 or lower. So he must have a slight infection in his lungs.
We let Dillon rest all afternoon and are doing the natural antibiotic and chest PT as well as nebulizers. He has tons of secretions! We did take him for his massage this afternoon, but he coughs a whole lot.
PLEASE pray we can get this infection taken care of soon!

Tonight we made some dinner - veggie soup. Mom bought a green pepper, onion, potato, tomato, carrot (and two small bananas) for a little less than a dollar!

Our veggies that cost less than $1.00

This is what they use as an oven, it seems to be very popular here. It just sits on th counter top


Cooking in the kitchenette

Our soup turned out pretty good!

We also have been washing our clothes and hanging them to dry since laundry is so expensive. It is very humid so the clothes don’t dry unless we hang them here where the air conditioner blows on them a little. Then it take a day or two for things to dry, but at least it is cheaper than sending it out.

This is how we dry our clothes, on a circle hanger with many clips

The clothes hang by the window where the air conditioner blows a little air on them

Now after all that not so good news are you ready for two pieces of good news?

1. In physical therapy they roll him side to side and try to get him to bring his hand to mid-line. Normally he does not do anything and I have to bring it over. Today, however, he brought it over one time on his own! It isn’t huge progress, but it was a little step of improvement. We will see if he does it again…

2. I think Dillon has the infection because he swallowed his secretions into his lungs….he swallowed! I think! We see him doing this thing with his mouth that looks like a swallow a lot…all day long he has been doing it! More than ever before…so I am thinking that if he is trying to swallow more it is only logical that sometimes he wouldn’t be swallowing right and it is going into his lungs. So even though he is sick and it isn’t good - maybe in a way it is…. So please pray he would continue to try to swallow, that it would be successful, and that he will recover from this quickly!

Thank you!

Tickle time! Mommy and Jay playing together


Pictures from Mom's walk in town


more pics from in town


Dillon resting after therapy

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