Thursday, August 06, 2009


This morning when Mom woke me, Dillon’s heart rate was very high and had been for a few hours. He was moving like he wanted his belly. So we put him on his belly and within a few minutes he threw up some milk. He then went into a coughing spell….which normally means it went into his lungs. So we started him on the natural antibiotic right away. The doctors then came in and we told them what happened. They listened to his lungs and thought he does have an infection. We told them about the natural antibiotic and how it has helped him in the past so they looked at it and thought it was good to try. Then they did the acupuncture and my parents were on skype so they could see. For the first time, Dillon did not cry out during it! I don’t know if he is getting used to it or if it was the Tylenol we gave him for the high heart rate that made the difference. I guess we will see tomorrow. Then we went down for therapy and the director said she thought his breathing sounded better today than any other day! Go figure!

JayDonn sucking his thumb his so tired!
So...grandma took him for a walk....
Ouside the hospital
Another picture of JayDonn
Playing outside the hospital
I took Dillon to his other therapy session by myself and forgot to take the camera. They were doing something new with him too. They had what looked like popsicle sticks with gauze wrapped on the end that had water on it and was frozen. They used these to rub up and down Dillon’s neck and to massage his throat, cheeks, chin, etc. He, of course, did not like it too much. However, we did see a lot of tongue movement during this! If they do it tomorrow I will try to get pictures.
Both Mom and I are having trouble with our stomachs. It isn’t that they hurt, it is just that we believe we have eaten something that has been contaminated and it is effecting our bodies. PLEASE pray we get over this soon and that Jay will not get it! Mom has had it for about 3 days and I have only had it today. It causes problems every time we eat, even if it is crackers that we brought from home. We have read it is very common for travellers to get this and that it usually lasts less than a week but can last up to a month! Please pray for us!
Below are two pictures of Jay and I reading a book together. He can be so sweet! His favorite game is still “nuggle” and we have to get under a blanket with him and have a tent over us. It gets a little old when you play it 20 millon times every day!
Mommy and me time!!!
I just love his face in the picture below! He gets so excited to see the pictures in the book, especially if the pictures has emals (animals).
Look at his face! I love this one!!

.Dillon resting in his wheelchair. Now if you know how Dillon normally acts, this is very unusual. Dillon normally does not like to be in his wheelchair and he fights it. But the today and yesterday I have left him sitting in it when I brought him back from therapy and he has sat with his breathing perfectly quiet for hours both times. He coos while sitting there but his breathing is so good and quiet. I don’t know why he likes it, maybe he is just so relaxed from the massages in therapy that he doesn’t want to fight. I am not sure, but it is good to hear him breathing so great.

My Dillon resting in his chair!
Now he is in bed and making only a little noise. I will put him on his CPAP soon. Mom is getting some sleep first tonight and I will take care of him until about 3, then she will take over and I can get some better sleep. When one is caring for Dillon in this room, the other is sleeping on the couch in the room with JayDonn. It is the only way we are surviving! We are both so tired all the time from not getting more than 5 hours of sleep at a time every night for a week now. Jay has TONS of energy, then again he sleeps about 10 hours solid and takes a good 2 hour nap every day…I think I would have more energy if I slept that much too!

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