Monday, August 24, 2009


Some Mommy and Me photos with Dillon…

Mommy and Dillon

Mommy and Dillon in black and white

Snuggle time

My favorite one

Jay helping make pancakes

Last night Dillon slept pretty good. However, I drank some ice coffee with dinner so I could NOT sleep! I didn’t sleep until 2am while Dillon was so peaceful. Thankfully he did pretty good the rest of the night and I was able to sleep some. I don’t think I will get ice coffee with dinner any more - just lunch. :o)

Resting before acupuncture

This is how Grandma takes Jay to the store… in Dillon’s chair. It is easier to keep him close this way and we don’t have a stroller for Jay.

Going to the store

Grace! (5 years old and has CP too)

Some desserts we tried today. The thin things on the top were ok, they tasted like a sugary pretzel. The green block on the right had the consistancy of dry wall, it wasn’t too great. It was very dry and you had to drink something in order to get the food down your throat. The cookie in the middle was pretty good, it tasted like a normal cookie. The thing on the left was the best. It tasted like a good fruit cake. Both Mom and I liked it the best.


Miss Celine left to go home to Ireland today to be with her daughter. Mr. Liam has a friend coming today to help him now. Mom and I both went shopping a few times with her. Have a good trip home Celine!

Mr Lian and Miss Celine

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