Sunday, August 09, 2009


Last night Dillon slept great again! I went to bed a little before 12 and Mom fed Dillon. I woke up to him making some noise around 2:55 so I stayed up for the 3am feed. I kept feeling his body to see if he felt warm and he did not. So around 4 I went back to sleep. I woke up around 7 and he felt very warm. We took his temp rectally and it was 102.9! So we gave medicine and used luke warm wash clothes on his body to bring it down. It did come down eventually.

Cooling Dillon down

We figured out how to get Grandma to do sit ups with me…Have Jay sit on her feet and she can kiss Jay every time she comes up!

Grandma doing sit ups

But then Jay decided to jump on Grandma when she comes up!

Laughing together doing sit ups

This afternoon I walked to the supermarket by myself while Jay was sleeping. It was the first time I have gone out by myself. I was quite scared, I don’t know why. It is very hard when you know there is no one who can understand you! As I was walking some people said Hello to me, but that was it. I did my shopping, bought a few things and then checked out. In America I do not like to shop at all! Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like spending money and hate to go shopping. I LOVE to shop here! Everything is so cheap! It is FUN to shop when you are paying less than a dollar for things! Nothing important happened during my shopping trip, it was just a feeling of accomplishment to have been able to do it without anyone else there. As I walked home some more people said hello to me. Of course I still had people staring at me, but it wasn’t as bad as when Dillon is with me.
Later in the evening we watched another sermon online and JayDonn did very well with sitting still and quiet for it. The message was called “Why do you pray?” It was given from a different point of view, that we pray FOR God. That we are not to pray for the purpose of asking for all our wants and desires, but to fellowship with God. He also pointed out that God already knows everything we need, so we don’t need to pray to tell Him our needs. We pray so our Father can from us.
Mom was taking pictures of people with their pots. It seems people carry around pots that they take to the restaurants to fill with food and carry back to their offices.

People with their pots

At home, JayDonn loves Cheerios, but here he doesn’t like them. That is because we only had almond milk (milk made from almonds). It is sweet, but doesn’t taste the same. The American man who helped us before gave us some of the milk he had left over. So Mom finally tried to boil it and put it in the fridge. All milk, cheese, butter, etc is not pasteurized here in China. We weren’t sure if Jay would like it or not, but he ate about 4 little cup fulls of Cheerios this morning and three more tonight before bed.

JayDonn eating Cheerios

He does LOVE his "highos"

I want to thank everyone for praying for Dillon. We increased his oil of orangol drops (antibiotics, anti fungal, anti viral) from 3 drops twice a day to three drops at every meal (every three hours). He has been good all day today. The highest his fever has gone since this morning was 99.2. We think he may still get feverish around 5am again since his body thinks it is 5pm and most people get fevers in the evening. So we are going to watch him very close. Please keep praying, we aren’t sure he is out of the woods yet. I know of several Pastors who are asking their church to pray for Dillon as I type this, so thank you! Thank you for praying!
One other good thingI want to share with you is about Dillon standing (with support of course). I was sitting on the edge of the bed and let Dillon stand in between my legs. Normally when he stands he goes into full extension and tightens very muscle and pushes back into me so hard. This time he stood there relaxed. His knees were even bending some and about 5 times after it would bend he would straighten it again! I don’t think I have seen Dillon do this before. Mom thought I was supporting his weight because he was so relaxed and even sleeping but I wasn’t he was fully supporting it himself. I was just balancing him. Maybe I am just looking with hope, but I really think there have been some small improvements - such as this. Only time will tell if these are improvements that will last of if it is a one time thing.
Keep praying, we sure do appreciate it and need it! We can’t thank you enough for lifting our family up in prayers.

Side Note: From Grandma Schnarr:

For those who have asked, Josiah (dad and wonderful husband), who is home in the States is doing well. He of coarse is missing his family, but keeping busy with Church, work and things around the house! Thanks for praying for him as well during this time. He does get to Skype (internet live video) with his family daily, so they get to see one another. Also Mark (Donna's Husband, grandpa) is doing well too. He also is keeping busy while missing his wife! Mark gets to skype his wife and family daily too. Thanks for praying for him at this time too, as he is away from his wonderful wife.

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